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As the 50th anniversary of 1968 draws to a close, the Lepage Center is proud to launch a new podcast that examines six key issues from that iconic year that remain relevant in 2018.

Today these issues are at the forefront of public consciousness, debated by elected officials, policymakers, activists, students, journalists, and the general public.

Through scholarship and conversation, our new podcast mini-series reveals how these contemporary challenges are decades in the making. By examining the year 1968, we can see more clearly the origins of these issues facing society today--and perhaps bring us one step closer to finding solutions.

Listen to " 1968: In Hindsight " on our website, iTunes, or Google Play. Have thoughts about the year 1968 and its lasting influence on today? Send us your feedback via email or on Twitter at hashtag #LepageAtVU.

Have friends who enjoy history podcasts? Share "1968: In Hindsight" with a friend, family member, or colleague this holiday season.

Want more? Visit our website for extensive coverage of the 50th anniversary of 1968.
New resources on democracy
We are proud to offer two new online resources about American democracy and democracy around the world.

Based on insights from our recent event series Histories of Democracy , these resources distill the big ideas from each event into printable and downloadable formats, ideal for teachers, students, voters and others interested in democratic principles.

Missed the events? The conversations are perfect as podcasts. Listen to part 1 | Listen to Part 2 .

Want to watch the videos? Visit our YouTube page .

For PDF versions of these resources, please contact the Lepage Center .
Historians in the media
Paul Rosier, Mary M. Birle Chair in American History at Villanova was interviewed on the "One Nation Every Vote" podcast about Native American voting rights. Listen here

Adele Lindenmeyr, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Professor of History at Villanova was interviewed by the "What Really Happened" podcast about the relationship between Boris Yeltsin and Bill Clinton. Listen here

Jason Steinhauer, director of the Lepage Center, published a new piece for the Foreign Policy Research Institute on the life and legacy of James H. Billington, the former Librarian of Congress who recently passed away. Jason was also interviewed by local media outlets Fox 29 Philadelphia on November's U.S. midterm elections and KYW newsradio on the relationship between President Trump and the media.
The opioid crisis in historical perspective
In a new post on our blog, Hindsights, historian Andrew Liu writes that today’s opioid crisis is the latest instance of a centuries-long courtship between drugs and working people. Read the post here >>
Happy holidays
From our Lepage Center family to yours, please accept our early wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season and end of the calendar year. We look forward to furthering our mission of bringing historical scholarship and perspective to bear on contemporary issues in the year ahead.
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