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September 2014 - In This Issue:
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NEFE Celebrating 30 Years!
Empowering Teens Since 1984
In the fall of 1984 the High School Financial Planning Program� was first introduced in seven Denver schools. Over the past 30 years HSFPP has spread to all 50 states and to over 100 military bases, impacting more than 11.5 million students.

To celebrate this anniversary, HSFPP proudly presents a new 30 year logo. A non-anniversary version of the logo will begin to show up in HSFPP content this fall.

NEFE's Road to Impact
The National Endowment for Financial Education� (NEFE�) evolved from the College for Financial Planning�, a Denver-based nonprofit that served as the nation's first financial-planning educational institution. As the College grew, its trustees and management recognized a critical need for ongoing educational efforts to provide reliable, impartial financial information to consumers, particularly the underserved.

In 1984 the College took steps to address a subject rarely covered in American schools, introducing the flagship high school education program. In the first five years the program spread nationwide. During that time the College collaborated with other national partners to found the Jump$tart Coalition in 1995.

College trustees officially established NEFE in 1997. The new foundation continues the work that the College began 30 years ago, collaborating with strategic partners to develop youth-centered resources, funding in-depth financial education research, and designing new programs.  
NEFE Youth Financial Education Highlights
High School Financial Planning Program launches a pilot program in seven Denver high schools.
NEFE is a founding member of the Jump$tart Coalition for Financial Literacy.
The National Endowment for Financial Education is established as an independent, nonprofit foundation.
NEFE introduces "Youth Financial Literacy Day" as an HSFPP activity. In 2004 the US Senate designated April as National Financial Literacy Month.

NEFE administered a grant to University of Wisconsin-Madison to study teachers preparedness to teach personal finance. The final report was released in 2009.

CashCourse, a program providing financial education for college students, launches a pilot program in Big Ten Conference schools.
NEFE collaborates with  other Jump$tart partners to create the Jump$tart Teacher Training model.
NEFE introduces On Your Own, a financial independence blog for young adults.
CashCourse reaches its 800th college.
HSFPP celebrates its 30th anniversary, reaching over 11.5 million students since its 1984 inception.

NEW NEFE Articles 


Instructors can use articles from NEFE's Smart About Money and On Your Own to engage students in discussion. New content relevant to teens and educators is posted frequently on our Facebook Page.


Smart About Money


"Back to School" hot topic: 9 Ways to Cut Costs on Back-to-School Shopping


SAM Says Newsletter: NEFE's own Rebecca Bird shares her reflections on veering from the traditional four-year-college path in the August issue of SAM Says.


On Your Own


August started with an inspiring story of a single mother named Jeronna Bolden who, despite doing everything "right," found herself homeless after a job fell through. Learn how Ms. Bolden turned her situation around with personal strength and the help of nonprofit service agencies such as Dress for Success.


Business Fashion on a Budget, continued the Dress for Success theme. NEFE's media intern Jessica Wright shares tips for building a professional wardrobe on a starting salary.


NEFE Digest September/October 2014


Painfully Average: What Will It Take for American Teens to do Better? 

American teens ranked in the middle of the PISA 2012 financial literacy assessment. What does this mean about financial education?

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September Webinar Dates: Introduction to HSFPP
More NEFE Resources for Educators

CashCourse� - online materials for college students - scripts and materials for adult financial education

Evaluation Toolkit� - databank of questions to measure impact - young adult blog about financial lessons learned - confessions of bad spending habits - consumer finance tips and tools


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NEFE's High School Financial Planning Program equips teens with fundamental personal finance skills to prepare them for financial independence and mindful money management decisions and behaviors.


The National Endowment for Financial Education� (NEFE�) is the leading private nonprofit, noncommercial foundation dedicated to inspiring empowered financial decision-making for individuals and families through every stage of life. Since 1984, NEFE's award-winning High School Financial Planning Program (HSFPP�) has reached more than 11.5 million students in more than 110,000 classrooms and workshops across the country. Learn more the complete suite of NEFE's free consumer and educator resources at

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