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One main objective of the San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering is to connect our San Diego County community to STEAM professionals. With students learning from home, we figured there is no time like the present to introduce some of our cherished STEAM professionals and help make the connection between what your students may be learning to real-life STEAM careers. Using the hashtag #STEAMteam, you can find videos of real-life STEAM professionals in our community on our social media channels:
Meet the #STEAMteam!
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Brian Steffy
Associate Director, Illumina Solutions Center, Illumina
#STEAMteam Member
Megan Parry
Meteorologist, ABC 10News
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A Recap of Expo Day
STEM Week March 2020
It seems so long ago, doesn't it? But it was just one month ago that community members from around San Diego County joined leading STEAM companies in our region for a day of hands-on STEAM activities and fun at the 12th Annual San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering Expo Day. The day was characterized by beautiful San Diego weather, engaging activities and exciting performances! The Festival wouldn't be what it is without the commitment of our fabulous sponsors and partners, and we are grateful for their contribution to STEAM education in this community. If you're like us, you're looking to re-live Expo Day over and over! Be sure to follow us on all our social channels for photos and videos from Expo Day, #STEAMteam interviews and clips, and connections to more STEAM resources.
Women in STEM at SDAI
STEM Week March 2020
We were fortunate this year to spend International Women's Day with some incredibly inspiring Women in STEM! The day after Expo Day, the STEAM fun continued at San Diego Art Institute for the Festival's anticipated Women in STEM program.
The Women in STEM program kicked off with a guided tour of San Diego Art Institute's Illumination exhibit. This exhibit explores challenges such as climate change, global health, and sustainability through the lens of art, science, and technology. Solutions to these issues will be rooted in STEM, and women and girls' leadership in STEM will be an essential part of the solution-making process. The exhibit excited attendees and set the tone to hear from our keynote speakers.
Dr. Erin English, Executive Director of Innovation at the San Diego County Office of Education, set the tone for the event by celebrating International Women's Day, sharing how San Diego County Office of Education supports girls in STEAM, and commenting on the enthusiasm she sees in young girls to pursue STEAM careers.
Paulette Donnellon, Enterprise Account Manager at LEGO Education, shared insights into her extensive career in education and her role at LEGO. She also facilitated an interactive activity around the power of imagination a creative thinking.
Saura Naderi, CEO, of ViaSaura, used some of her own projects to show the audience how engineering and inventing allows anyone to bring magic to life and how--with STEM--anything is possible. I mean, a ROBOT DRESS?! Talk about an impressive work-from-home outfit!
Hilda Mwangi, Senior Manager, Site Engagement & External Relations at Takeda California discussed the possibilities to contribute to technology or science companies in a non-technical role. She highlighted the importance of not limiting one's opportunities to work in a tech/science company simply because you are not an engineer: there is a place for all types of strengths and skills in these companies.
Dr. Kimberly Byers-Lund, Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army, used her impressive career to illustrate that career-paths are not always linear, and that it's important to be open to the opportunities that open themselves up to you at any point in your career. Lt. Col. Byers-Lund works at Sharp Community Medical and serves as a physician in the U.S. Army Reserve. She spoke about the STEM opportunities available as part of the U.S. Army.
STEM Possible at San Diego State University
STEM Week March 2020
No matter your skills, and no matter your strengths, there is a place for you in San Diego County's STEAM industry! This is the overarching message at STEM Possible, one of our favorite STEM Week programs. 100 students gathered together for a day-long workshop at SDSU during STEM Week 2020 for our second annual STEM Possible program.
The program started with an inspirational panel of STEAM role models that encouraged the students to pursue their passions to find rewarding STEAM careers. The panel was moderated by Megan Parry, Meteorologist at ABC 10News and featured Chequala Fuller, Senior Engineer at SDG&E; Crystal Garcia, EIT Engineer, Aviation at C&S Companies; Kaitlin Pugliese, Scientist 2 at Illumina; Brandon Woolley, Principal Research Engineer at TaylorMade Golf Company.
The students then participated in an interactive workshop delivered by Ed Hidalgo, Chief Innovation and Engagement Officer at Cajon Valley Union School District, and Carol Hidalgo, Human Resources Consultant at Hidalgo Consulting. The pair led the workshop and helped students identify and understand their RIASEC themes. These analytics helped students focus on certain sectors of career interest.
Finally, students participated in a real-life #STEAMteam session that connected them directly to STEAM professionals to highlight the various educational options and career paths to attain fulfilling, stable jobs in STEAM industries. These professionals have unique jobs that may match the students’ own skills and interests as identified in the interactive workshop. Students were tasked with engaging with each professional to learn about the various career paths, required education and/or certification for these jobs, what a day in the life is like for each professional, etc. In addition to providing a space for high school juniors and seniors to consider their opportunities, this portion of the program also encouraged professional communication and networking.  
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