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August 2013
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Partners in Advancing SH&E Professionalism

Treasa M. Turnbeaugh, Ph.D, CSP, CET 


There are many factors that make a profession, from training and education, to member association, and certification. BCSP certificants are often involved with a variety of organizations that help to advance the SH&E profession.


Earlier this year, I was able to attend the Intersociety Forum on Occupational Safety and Health, which includes representatives from safety and health organizations throughout the U.S. The forum was hosted by the National Safety Council (NSC) and included many of BCSP's Sponsoring Organizations. Each group presented their mission and goals. The discussion that followed focused on shared responses to developments in the SH&E field and proposals for improvement.


Meetings like these are important because they allow everyone involved to combine their energy and resources, reaching goals faster and with increased impact.


It is my hope that this new eNewsletter provides readers with useful insight into the connections we have as BCSP certificants and helps us strengthen the profession.


With AGC Endorsement, Companies Share Why They Use BCSP Certifications 

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) endorsed BCSP certifications for the protection of workers just prior to its July 10-12, 2013 Safety and Health Conference. At the Conference, Safety Trained Supervisor (STS) Sponsor companies Clark Construction Group and Gilbane went on to win First Place Construction Safety Excellence Awards (CSEA), continuing a trend of companies being recognized for the positive results of safety programs which include BCSP certifications.


BCSP certifications have always provided a reputable, objective method for SH&E practitioners to prove knowledge and skill. Now, they are increasingly recognized as an important component of effective safety organization.


"We require several certifications from the BCSP, including the STS, CHST, and CSP, depending upon positions within our organization," says Tim Sirofchuck, CSP, Vice President and Corporate Safety Director at Clark Construction Group, LLC. Clark requires the Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST) for all safety team members who qualify, with the STS as a minimum requirement if an employee does not yet have the experience necessary for the CHST. All senior staff are required to pursue the Certified Safety Professional (CSP). "We found much of the staff desire to earn the certifications on their own, to better their personal credentials," says Sirofchuck. He appreciates his team members' initiative. "We have seen an increase in project safety participation partly due to increased knowledge gained by the certification processes' training requirements.... Our overall lagging incident rates and severity rates continue to decline across the board."


Similar comments were made just a month before at the American Society of Safety Engineer's (ASSE) Safety 2013 Executive Summit event. "As a result of that (the STS certification), our supervisors have a safety understanding and safety attitude that is positive and engaging," stated Robert Zaist, President, Energy and Construction at URS Corporation. "Their reaction to an employee who may otherwise feel intimidated is much more open, and as a consequence it breeds that (stronger safety) culture."


Robert Zaist at Safety 2013
Robert Zaist at Safety 2013


The work done to achieve and maintain certification, as well as the confidence certificants gain after confirming their knowledge and skill, has led to real benefits for these companies. Clark has reported decreased worker's compensation and liability costs as individuals stay safe. URS recorded an 88% reduction in worker's compensation rates and injuries in the first few years after it began using the STS.


Charles Soderquist, CHST, OHST, STS, Regional Safety Manager for Sturgeon Electric Company, finds these results as no surprise. "Employees and other safety professionals in the organization recognize the demonstrated levels of leadership, knowledge and expertise that come with obtaining safety certification, and those certified use these attributes to regularly mentor others in the company to actively seek out certification," says Soderquist. "This pride of ownership goes a long way in extending superb safety procedures and practices throughout more levels of our organization."


Another STS Sponsor, Flatiron Construction, uses a safety program in which all superintendents are required to obtain the STS. "The STS certification process helps us evaluate our internal safety training programs and also helps us ensure our employees have best-in-class safety expertise," explains Matt Jones, Director of Environmental, Health, and Safety at Flatiron. "Flatiron continually strives to improve the quality of existing safety programs, like job hazard analyses, documentation of risk assessments, and subcontractor safety orientation and control."


STS Sponsors Clark, Gilbane, URS, Sturgeon, and Flatiron have all earned First Place CSEAs from AGC in the last three years, each of them also receiving many other awards in that time.

Companies and organizations which proudly use STS certifications are listed on BCSP's STS Sponsorship Program webpage. More details on how companies use the STS certification can be found in BCSP's guide, How to use STS in Your Company.


With the Housing Market Rebounding, Home Builders Can Keep Safe with NIOSH Resources

Construction spending has reached a four-year high, led by a healthy housing market where residential construction saw the highest level of spending since October 2008. This is wonderful news for home builders, many of whom have been eager for business to pick up since the recession began. As work gets underway, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has created new material that will help keep home builders safe.


This June, NIOSH published Simple Solutions for Home Building Workers, an illustrated, practical guide to common injuries in residential construction and how they are prevented. The guide can be downloaded, printed, and shared.


Straight Talk About Nail Gun Safety incorporates the basics of nail gun safety into a fully illustrated comic book. The information presented in the comic is based on the 2011 publication Nail Gun Safety: A Guide for Construction Contractors, and its uniqueness makes it a great tool to start conversations about nail gun safety.


Pioneering safety applications for smart phones, NIOSH now provides a ladder safety app which assists with ladder selection, inspection, and even uses the smart phone's sensors to determine if the angle of a ladder is safe.


These tools can assist construction workers in staying safe, and keep them in good health to enjoy the rewards of their labor.


Share guides, tools, and apps you find useful on our social media.


Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals Reaches Milestone 

The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) recently certified its five-thousandth Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) when Brian Spielmann, CSP, CRSP, CHST, OHST, STS passed the CRSPEX and was granted his certification.


"As a contract safety professional in the oil and gas industry; clients seek evidence of industry experience, knowledge of standards, and professional accomplishment as evidenced by the CRSP designation," wrote Spielmann. "Attaining the CRSP and the Board of Certified Safety Professionals' Certified Safety Professional (CSP) certifications in the United States compliments one another while recognizing safety professionals, expands opportunities, adds value to clients and is a competitive advantage that differentiates credentialed candidates from others."


BCSP and BCRSP recognize the value of each other's certifications and maintain a memorandum of understanding which gives credit to certificants from one organization when they apply for certification with the other.  BCSP also recognizes the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), the Safety Institute of Australia (SIA), and Singapore Institute of Safety Officers (SISO) in the interest of international transportability of credentials.


BCSP Career Center Attracts Record Number of Job Views  

In the second quarter of 2013 the BCSP Career Center's job board saw a record number of job views, reaching 13,580 job seekers in the three month period. The number of job seekers viewing posts on the board more than doubled since the same time period last year. 


The BCSP Career Center is designed with BCSP certificants in mind, allowing posts and searches to be done with specific certifications considered.

If you are a job seeker or employer, now is an excellent time to visit


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American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), 1974

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