The All-New Vetus Maxwell BOW PRO Boosted series (BOWB).  All the features of the amazing BOW PRO with a third connection on the motor, leading current to an internal charger which steps up the voltage from 12 to 24 volt, allowing a 12 volt charging source such as the propulsion
engine alternator, to charge a 24 volt battery bank. 

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Product Insight: Bow Thruster Boosted
Also Available the Original BOW PRO Thruster Series
(R)Evolution from VETUS: a combination of the renowned electric bow thruster series and the latest induction motor technology. Precision proportional control at your fingertips, you command as little or as much power as needed!
  • Precision proportional control
  • Endurance Rated Run-time - In excess of 5 minutes at full power
  • Maintenance-free brushless motor
  • Sealed ingression protection construction - motor sealed for improved corrosion resistance in damp bilge environments

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