Introducing the CIBMTR Data Management Guide

Since the valued creation of the   Forms Instruction Manuals , Data Operations is taking advantage of the platform that is now available and applying it to our training materials. In the new CIBMTR Data Management Guide, we bring together materials relevant to Data Operations from the website to give individuals a searchable resource that holds pertinent instruction in one place. 
The Data Management tab on will continue to hold basic information that would be the first-stop for an explanation for anyone on the internet to view. The CIBMTR Data Management Guide is an instrument providing depth of information with the goal being to enhance your center's access to support and field knowledge.
Using the same platform that the Forms Instruction Manual was developed with, the product functionality and navigation of the Data Management Guide are the same. Images, tables, and Visio flowcharts have been integrated to further explain things such as data reporting and CPI. This format of this new guide enables individuals to have information at their fingertips on any device.
From the Data Management Guide, PDFs can be produced for any of the documents. In addition, every page has its own URL, which means that an individual can share the link to specific topics or bookmark the page in a browser.

The Data Management Guide and Forms Instruction Manual
The purpose of the Data Management Guide is to organize the information a center needs to know around center participation and research data submission, while the Forms Instruction Manual focuses on CIBMTR form questions and provides specific guidance to answering them.

Data Management Guide Updates
The Data Management Guide will be modified as needed to provide an up-to-date resource for CIBMTR data management instruction. Updates to the manual will be logged for your notification.

We invite your feedback on individual sections and your suggestions on topics that you would like to see included.  Please email: ; or contact your CIBMTR CRC.

Data Operations