Welcome to the CITY Activities Newsletter!

During this school year, we've had the opportunity to meet twice a week with a great group of Pittsburgh high school students as part of our CITY (Community Innovation Training for Youth) program . The after-school experience includes STEAM activities, cultural field trips, and mentoring/tutoring support to help expose youth to career and educational opportunities after graduation.

Though we are currently not able to meet in person during this unprecedented time of social distancing, we have launched this newsletter to keep the CITY crew engaged with activities they can access at home.

Given that many of us are currently working and/or learning remotely, we wanted to share this resource with you to, in turn, share with any high school students (or adults) who may be interested!

-Emma Hance
CITY Program Manager

In such an uncertain time, it's important to take time to focus on mindfulness and reducing stress. Headspace, which is available online and as an app, allows users to select their own goals/areas of focus, and creates a program that's tailored to each user.

Learn how to code while playing an online game! Through CodeCombat, users can learn how to code in either Python or JavaScript, both of which are pretty widely used coding languages in the computer science field. The free version allows you to play the first ~15 levels online.

Virtual Tours of Museums, Zoos, and Theme Parks
Even though we're currently stuck inside of our houses for most of the day, these virtual tours are a great way to "get out and explore." Through the links included in this article, you can explore museums like the Louvre in Paris, the High Museum of Art in Atlanta (whose "Civil Rights Photography" exhibit focuses on moments of social protest), and NASA's Langley Research Center in Virginia and Glenn Research Center in Ohio.

Photo by  Scott Webb  on  Unsplash
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh: eBooks
Borrow eBooks and stream free movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and music albums through the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's online resources! Browse a collection of books and audiobooks from the CLP's teens section through OverDrive, which can be read on an eReader, tablet, computer, or phone. Use your library card to create an account or request a library card online for free here .

8x8 Video Calls
Finally, while it's super important to follow the social distancing guidelines at this time, for many of us, social distancing can feel really lonely. Therefore, while we may not be able to be physically close to the people that we care about, it's important that we take steps to maintain those relationships. Through 8x8, you can set up group video calls with your friends and family so that you're able to keep in touch and maintain that sense of connection.

If you do any of these activities at home, please share them with us using #CITYpghAtHome & @pennstatepgh