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Introducing the Clean Green

Smart Water Bottle

July 2011 



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PiMag Sport Bottle (High Definition)

PiMag Sport Bottle Video

 filterIntelligent Alternative to Bottled Water


  •  Turn tap water into great tasting

    PiMag Water


  •  Each replaceable filter lasts for 250 refills or 3-4 months of use - about 10 cents or less per usage 

Proven Filtration, Mineralization & Enhanced Alkalinity

  • Advanced Technology

    • Next Generation Pi Alkalizing Materials & Magnetics


  • Proprietary Patent Pending Design


  • pH and REDOX (Reduction Oxidation Potential) Adjusted

Meets or Exceeds Standards for Contaminants, Taste, Odor and Aesthetics

  • nsf

    Independent Laboratory Tested to Reduce/Eliminate:


    • Chlorine

    • MTBE

    • Chloramine

    • Particulates

    • Lead

    • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

  • 90% Effectiveness to 40 Gallon Capacity

"GREEN"... Environmentally Friendly

  • Changeable Filter/Spout
    • Saving 1000's of plastic bottles from being used once


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