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Copenhagen Wheel by Superpedestrian
Inspired by the world's most bicycle-friendly city
Change the wheels and you change the bike. How many times have you heard that before? Wheels undeniably affect the ride quality and performance of a bike more than any other component. But after riding the Copenhagen wheel, we argue that you only need to change the rear wheel.

Superpedestrian isn't asking you to part with the bike you love, and are comfortable on, to enjoy the benefits of an electric bike. With the Copenhagen wheel, you can make almost any bike an electric bike. And at a lower cost of entry than complete electric bikes, this could be exactly what America needs to get more people on bikes (faster).

The Copenhagen Wheel isn't the first hub powered add-on for bikes, but it is the most advanced. It's not just packed with tech for the sake of tech. Hub communication is via Bluetooth with IOS or Android phones, which keeps wires out of the picture. Besides toggling through power assist modes (including an "exercise" mode that adds resistance to the wheel), Superpedestrian's in-ride app feature shows a non-numerical power tachometer for the rider and the wheel separately. Speed, distance, and battery level are on display as well. Post ride, a map of the ride route is presented along with other basic ride metrics.       
Regardless of the power mode selected, the electric assist is instinctively responsive (think instant engagement) with smooth pick-up. There's no doubt when the wheel is supplying power because 350 watts is serious power, however it doesn't "kick" like some e-bike motors do. One of the coolest features of the wheel is brake assist, which can be enabled or disabled by preference. If enabled, the wheel scrubs speed similar to the effects of engine braking when the cranks are pedaled backwards. When activated simultaneously with the bike's true brakes (rim style), stopping distance is comparable to disc brakes.

Great tech is intuitive, effective, and user friendly - the same attributes that make great bicycle infrastructure. A fitting name given the original prototype was invented through a partnership with the city of Copenhagen. You will see more and more of the Copenhagen Wheel, that we are sure of. It's the kind of story where a source of inspiration leads to a design that inspires. Save $50 on your Copenhagen Wheel order through Superpedestrian with discount code: BIKEDOCTOR.

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