Economic Development Online Marketplace
As a Certified Provider, Kosmont introduces:

OppSites  Economic Development Digital Marketplace - Now Online
What is OppSites?
OppSites empowers city and economic development leaders with digital tools to raise awareness of development opportunities that support their goals for growth, share their local knowledge with a global audience of real estate professionals, and connect directly with interested parties.

OppSites is where public agencies can showcase privately owned as well as public owned property opportunities. These sites may have been up-zoned or placed in a special tax increment district.   I t's digital economic development online NOW!
City Leaders can:
  • Showcase Districts and Sites
  • Describe Goals and Incentives
  • Market to Real Estate Professionals
  • Connect with Interested Parties
Real Estate Professionals can:
  • Find Development Opportunities
  • Learn about Priorities
  • Connect with Local Leaders
Kosmont believes that every community can become more prosperous.  OppSites enables each community to promote their land use and economic development priorities to a national audience of qualified investors, developers, and tenants.  Together, our mission is to unlock economic potential in cities, towns, and regions by empowering government, economic development, and real est ate professionals to focus on the projects that communities want.

Check it out! OppSites built a national platform that empowers local leaders,
is supported  by the latest technology, and puts every community  on  ONE MAP
to create  a single global online economic development marketplace.
How can Kosmont help you?
Kosmont is a Certified OppSites Provider
Kosmont offers the service of promoting economic development opportunities for public agencies utilizing the OppSites digital global marketplace platform.

Kosmont can help showcase our clients' economic development opportunities onto OppSites, manage the analytics, field leads, correspond with various potential buyers / developers / real estate professionals and ultimately connect our clients to the right people.
OppsSites is a place to showcase development opportunities, induce
private sector investment and raise revenues & property values!
Want to learn more? Contact us today so we can help get
Your Development Opportunities Online.
Larry J. Kosmont, CRE®
President & CEO
Ken K. Hira
Executive Vice President
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