Introducing the FlexMLS Guided Help Resource Center

The Guided Help Resource Center was designed for our members to increase their knowledge of FlexMLS at their own pace and schedules.
To access this resource, click the Guided Help link that is located next to the Quick Launch bar.

This will open the Guided Help Resource Center. Here, you can access Guided Help tours and the Guided Help Search Bar.


With the Guided Help Tours, you can select a topic you would like to learn more about, and the FlexMLS System will instantly start guiding you though that process, step-by-step.


The Guided Help Search Bar allows you  to free-word search for help topics you would like to find, such as specific FlexMLS system features, guided help tutorials, and more. As you start typing, resources will appear.

As you use Guided Help, you may notice small question marks with a circle around them sprinkled throughout the FlexMLS System; these are called Guided Help Smart Tips. They're small in size, but mighty in knowledge. Members can click or hover on a smart tip to learn more about a particular feature. They can learn something new without even trying.

Please contact your respective MLS with any questions. You may also follow our updates at
Metro MLS members can call the Help Desk at 414-778-5450 or email