We have long wished to make the Ramah journey more accessible and affordable. Now, in partnership with the Winkler Lowy Foundation, we are excited to announce the Masah Incentive. This initiative will help campers complete their journey by providing a subsidy to Tzophim, Kochavim, and Machon (rising 9th–11th grade) campers, as well as 14–16 year-old Amitzim campers. This incentive is separate from our financial aid process, and thus can provide support to a much broader range of our community. Take a few minutes to learn more about this exceptional gift by watching the video above, and click here for more details.

Spots still available!
Make a gift of $18 or more from October 8th-14th
to anyone on the Ramah Roadies team or the overall team and
be entered in a raffle to WIN a CAMP RAMAH MYSTERY BOX!
(If you make multiple gifts, you will be receive multiple entries into the raffle)