Fellow Members,

On Monday, September 16th your Club held its annual meeting. There were about 40 members in attendance. Below are some of the meeting highlights:

  • The Club had a stellar year with a $185,000 improvement to the bottom line.   

  • Membership Chair Jay Mahoney stated that there were 1,082 individual memberships and 29 Corporate Members as of Sept. 1.

  • George Zeppos representing the Zeppos Restaurant Group thanked the Board for their support and sweat equity during the transition year. He also commended Club Manager Virginia for another year of outstanding effort. George also mentioned that a new menu will be available soon as well as new nightly entertainment.

  • An open discussion period was held for those members who chose to participate. A separate membership for single members as well as increased minimums were discussed. The Board will take both items under consideration.

  • The voting results were announced with all three of the Board incumbents retaining their positions.

Just a reminder, that this is your Club. Please take time out of your busy schedules to attend next year’s annual meeting in September.

Nick Kuruc, Board President