The In-Sight 2800 makes vision simple for beginners and experts alike. This fully integrated vision system combines deep learning with traditional rule-based vision to solve a wide range of inspection applications. From simple presence/absence detection to advanced categorization and sorting tasks, In-Sight 2800 provides an easy to deploy solution for error-proofing. 

Designed for factory automation, In-Sight 2800 enables manufacturers of all size to:
  • Increase product quality – Catch small, subtle defects with optimized error detection.
  • Maximize operational efficiency – Leverage your existing workforce and keep your lines running with fast, intuitive job setup.
  • Streamline integration – Take the guesswork out of image optimization and identify the correct combination of accessories in a few button clicks.
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM EDT

It's Time to Automate
Bin Picking and Palletizing
Gibson Engineering presents "It's Time to Automate - Bin Picking and Palletizing", an introduction on how to make your cobots earn their keep. Universal Robots introduces the next generation of their ActiNav fully-automated bin picking cell helping you to reduce overhead and downtime. Robotiq augments their game-changing palletizing offering of the Palletizer AX, with the new lower-cost Palletizer PE.
Universal Robots Actinav

  • Actinav 1.6 Intro
  • Applications to Automate
  • Features/Benefit Analysis
  • Q&A
Robotiq Palletizers

  • Palletizer Basics
  • Free Online Simulator
  • Features/Benefit Analysis
  • Q&A
Lift100 High-Payload Robot Lift
Enables future-proofed palletizing tasks for robot arms
OnRobot’s NEW Lift100 high-payload robot lift long-stroke robot elevator enables a wide range of future-proofed palletizing tasks for leading robot arms.
Designed with minimal deflection to ensure precise positioning even at high speeds, the Lift100 can also be used in any application where additional vertical reach is needed for the robot arm such as stacking of objects or picking/placing parts on shelves or racks.
  • Additional reach for your robot enables you to handle more types of pallet sizes, box sizes, and palletizing pattern.s
  • Elevator's long stroke enables a wide range of palletizing tasks and future-proof cell for manufacturing changes.
  • Integrated safety features with TÜV (certification pending) stop-functionality to facilitate collaborative deployment.
JUNE 10th
9:00AM - 4:00PM EDT

1-day of interactive hands-on sessions – In Person or Online!

Join us for an interactive online & in person workshop to learn about "The Connected Machine" and remotely connecting to your automation equipment using the Ewon Flexy.
You will learn how to:

  • Remotely access a PLC
  • Setup alarms and send email notifications
  • Monitor, troubleshoot and make updates toPLCs and other automation devices.
  • Log data and send that data to the cloud
  • Create HTML based dashboards


  • Morning session –Remote Access (~2hrs)Introduction to Flexy and Talk2M
  • Set up Flexy and connect to the Internet
  • Make a remote connection using eCatcher
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon session –Remote Data (~3hrs)Connecting to a PLC and creating tags
  • Set up data logging
  • Set up alarm notifications via email
  • Create web-based dashboards
Have you invested in a Universal Robot collaborative robot yet? Well, you’re probably wondering if your cobot project is bearing fruit. Is there a cobot ROI already, or do you have to wait longer for your investment payback?

Let’s look at both tangible and intangible elements of a successful collaborative robot project. Then, let's see how you can calculate your Universal Robots ROI.
Online Training Courses
Join us for our online training courses in Robotics, Vision, Controls, Visualization, and Safety.
Mitsubishi GX Works3 Programming

May 3-6, 2022
MiR Basic Training

May 12, 2022
MiRHook & Fleet Training

May 13, 2022
Cognex In-Sight Basics

May 24-25, 2022
Cognex In-Sight Advanced

May 26, 2022