When Mother Nature puts your network in jeopardy,
Hitachi has the answer.
DryBit™ Category 6
Drybit™ Category 6 cable from Hitachi Cable America is the first Category 6 cable designed for wet places and plenum spaces. Because Drybit takes the place of two cables, it eliminates the time, space and cost associated with transitioning from an outdoor cable to a plenum rated indoor cable. And, in addition to Gigabit Ethernet, Drybit can support PoE applications such as cameras, WAPs, PoE lighting and more.

Conduit that originates indoors but passes through or under a concrete slab is often subject to water infiltration. National Electric Code (NEC) 2017 Edition, Article 100 and the BICSI Telecommunication Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM) define these environments as wet locations since the slab and the associated conduit are subject to saturation by water. Standard plenum or riser rated cables can’t be used in these situations since water will have a catastrophic effect on both their electrical performance and physical properties. The typical solution has been to use outdoor cable in the conduit and then transition to the appropriately rated cable type once indoors.
DryBit™ Category 6 cable is designed for use in wet environments so long term submersion in water will not impact its electrical performance or degrade its outer jacket. DryBit is verified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL A826376) for long term water submersion. DryBit cable also carries a plenum (CMP) rating. This CMP rating makes
DryBit cable one of the most versatile cables available by simplifying installation and eliminating the costs associated with transition points. And, since DryBit is verified for
electrical performance by UL, it’s guaranteed to support all applications intended for Category 6 cable.
Check out our video on how DryBit™ can work for you!