Campaign Update | March/April 2022
Partner Spotlight: The Shrivastava Family
Former Chairman and CEO of ARRAY, Sumeet Shrivastava, has been a dedicated champion of the Northern Virginia Science Center Foundation for four years, serving as a major donor, Ambassador, member of the Board of Directors, and now, as Board Vice-Chair. In this role, Sumeet provides invaluable guidance and advice, and today the Foundation is honored to announce The Shrivastava Family as the newest Title Partner of the Launch the Future Campaign for the Northern Virginia Science Center.
The project resonates strongly with the family. "The Science Center for me represents that spark that I know occurred with my dad or my uncles and aunts when they were playing with their Heath kits or tinkering with the radio. I see the Science Center as the physical manifestation of being able to do that for the next generation," said Sumeet. "It really comes down to one major element, and that's the importance of education – both formal AND informal - in raising communities. You can't underestimate the power of having a convening location like the Science Center to bring communities together. I encourage all families to join ours in leaving a lasting legacy for this region."
Sumeet Shrivastava is an accomplished executive and proven business leader with more than 30 years of experience in the government IT industry. Most recently, as Chairman and CEO of ARRAY, he provided overall corporate leadership for the company’s growth and operations strategy, including a successful graduation from Federal small business programs, leading a management buyout of ARRAY of the founder and independent investors, and ultimately having a successful exit through ARRAY’s sale to CGI Federal. He has been committed to his alma mater, George Mason University (GMU MBA ’94), and the regional community throughout his career. He is currently on the GMU Foundation Board of Trustees, President of Mason’s Alumni Association, President-Elect of TiE DC, and a GO Virginia Region 7 Council Member.
Thank you to the Shrivastava Family for your commitment to the Northern Virginia Science Center, solidifying the region's status as the nexus for STEM innovation and serving the region's children, students, and families for generations.
Helios: Our Solar Neighborhood
The Northern Virginia Science Center Foundation is thrilled to announce that The Shrivastava Family will be the Title Partner of the Helios Gallery and to unveil exciting details about this unique, awe-inspiring exhibition.
Helios will take visitors on an expansive and mind-bending journey across the universe and down the virtual rabbit hole, with the Earth's own sun as the star of the show. This expansive 5,600 foot2 gallery is designed as a black box experience featuring dramatic light experiences, sweeping sightlines of star fields and celestial bodies, and a wide array of interactive experiences. Visitors will feel the force of a rocket launch, build a space colony, experiment with a wind tunnel to test aerodynamic designs, and much more. Helios, short for Heliosphere - also known as our solar system - invites visitors to explore our own solar neighborhood and the most immediate vicinity for space travel. Helios will spark the curiosity of generations of explorers, young and old, exposing them to the wonders of the universe and technologies that enable space exploration while encouraging them to ponder life’s biggest questions.
Sneak Preview: Inside Flow and Helios
Enjoy a preview of the Northern Virginia Science Center! Hold on tight and take it all in
as you fly around the building and through the main entrance, where you'll see
a sneak peek at two of the five galleries!
Launch the Future
Campaign Fundraising Update
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