Many times, scholarships require a certain GPA or athletic ability, which eliminate students who have had additional circumstances, such as parents who divorced, sick relatives, mistakes, or other outside factors. This prevents the student from being able to reach a certain GPA or academic resume needed for the majority of scholarships.

Michelle Provan, PfISD alumna from 2005, has partnered with Pflugerville ISD and the Pflugerville Education Foundation to create a different type of scholarship. This scholarship rewards a student who has made outstanding change during high school and who has persevered through adversity. They deserve to be recognized, and the Provan-Lockhart Scholarship will give them that opportunity.

Will you help Michelle in this noble effort?
Our Vision

Helping students find their way by engaging them academically, inspiring them socially and growing them emotionally. 
The Provan Opportunity Center Mission

Improve ourselves every day by engaging in meaningful academic pursuits, inspiring our students to transition successfully to their home campus, and growing our students social and emotional capacity so that they are poised to provide positive leadership in their schools and the community. We serve a diverse student population, providing opportunities for growth and success both academically and socially.
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