Safe Recipes to Promote Good Health
BAC Fighters! You are the first to hear about a new tool developed by the Partnership for Food Safety Education intended to dramatically improve consumers’ safe food handling behaviors at home.

The Safe Recipe Style Guide is designed for use by any recipe writer including professional recipe developers and food journalists who write and publicize recipes for distribution to the public.

The Style Guide provides specific, concise recipe text to address four major areas of practice in home kitchens: temperature, hand washing, cross contamination and produce handling. Check out the guide online at , along with these great resources:

There is much more good work to come of the Safe Recipe Style Guide . We will be updating you very soon on how you can get involved with this initiative.

We thank our federal partners - the USDA, the FDA and the CDC- for their help in developing and launching the Safe Recipe initiative! Stay tuned!
Illness Reporting Webinar on April 24
Join us on Wednesday, April 24 at 1 p.m. Eastern for a free webinar Illness Reporting: Is Increased Outreach Critical? We will cover what could be learned if there were more reporting on foodborne illness, as well as ways to encourage people to report when they have a foodborne illness. 

Our guest speaker is Steven Mandernach, Executive Director of the Association of Food and Drug Officials. CEUs are available. Register today !