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Dr. Kelly Manahan
Dear Friend,

In 2010, Women's Oncology Research & Dialogue (WORD) set out to create an effective Human Pampilloma Virus (HPV) and cervical cancer women's health education campaign.   In short we wanted to make sure all girls and women could make informed health decisions about the HPV vaccine, annual exams, pap tests and the HPV test. Through a series of excellent partners including Purdue University, David Bossert of Madison Beach Productions, Duck Studios and Publicis Group, WORD was able to create a comprehensive health campaign.  

In 2011, we need individual and corporate support to help us meet an extremely ambitious but necessary goal: distribute this life-saving information to 15 states and 30 cities.   Together we can lessen the occurences of cervical cancer, increase survivorship and decrease suffering caused by HPV-related cancer - specifically cervical cancer.  As you read the words below, WATCH the videos, see the posters and brochures - -  PLEASE CONSIDER how you or your organization can be involved in ending cervical cancer.  Together we can make a difference. 

After you complete reading/watching this informational material - Please contact us on how you or your organization can donate and/or sponsor this campaign. Please contact us at 

For a Healthier 2011,

Kelly J. Manahan, MD FACOG
WORD Founder and President
Interim Chair, Department of OB/GYN
Associate Residency Program Director
Professor Division of Gynecologic Oncology
University of Toledo Medical Center
The WORD on HPV Health Education Campaign Messages

The WORD on HPV outreach education campaign is designed to encourage women to:

(1) Get the HPV vaccine (age 9-26)
(2) Follow ACOG guidelines for Annual Exams and Pap Tests and
(3) Encourage women after age 30 to consider having a HPV Test as part of their annual exams.

Please read, watch, and download the information below to learn more about the WORD on HPV campaign. 

Download Sample Print Creative (11.7MB)

Listen to an audio interview with David Bosser - the director/producer of the "WORD on HPV" animation.

"WORD on HPV" Animation
"WORD on HPV" :15 TV PSA
"WORD on HPV" :30 TV PSA
WORD on HPV 4min Short Story
"WORD on HPV" Full 4min Short Story

The WORD on HPV campaign includes both radio and television broadcast media as well as embeddable web media. 

WORD on HPV Radio PSAs
"WORD on HPV" Radio PSAs
Want to learn more about how the, "WORD on HPV" animation was created and how it was designed to be used?  We've created a couple behind the scenes videos to help explain below.
WORD on HPV Behind the Scenes ep.1
WORD on HPV Behind the Scenes ep.2
"WORD on HPV Behind the Scenes" ep.1 "WORD on HPV Behind the Scenes" ep.2

Let's Talk - Adele
"Let's Talk" - Heather
Let's Talk - Adele
"Let's Talk" - Adele
Other Multimedia
In addition to the animation above, WORD has other video and audio pieces that are great for social media uses.  WORD's "Let's Talk" video cancer survivor story series bring hope and inspire.  These stories are available for embedding and linking in blogs, newsletters, websites, etc.

Our "WORDs of Wisdom" series
features key voices from the field of medicine and research science to personally address questions and issues surrounding current cervical cancer trends.

Watch the growing WORDs of Wisdom Series

WORDs of Wisdom Audio Podcast
Listen to Dr. Kelly Manahan Discuss Pap Test Recomendations

Help Spread
There are many ways you can help WORD deliver the WORD on HPV message to women of all ages.  Here are a few suggestions

1. Donate to WORD.  We estimate that each new market we are able to deliver to will cost approximately $40,000.  (Click here to download a simple cost estimate - contact us for more details).  We are interested in developing sponsorship opportunities.  IF YOU OR YOUR ORGANIZATION HAS AN IDEA, PLEASE EMAIL US TODAY (

2. Help WORD deliver our messages through free delivery methods.  We know there are many ways to deliver this message at minimal costs - we just need the contacts. If you can help us make the appropiate contacts to help deliver this message through free or inexpensive mediums, please contact us today. 

3.  Help us find partner organizations (other non profits, health centers, physician practices, hospitals, etc.) that we can work with to help follow-up on campaign initiatives. 

Please Help WORD tell women of all ages about HPV and their risk of cervical cancer.
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