Introducing New Jewelry Artists at SOFA

Hedone Gallery is delighted to introduce the work of four new artists at SOFA 2015.  Alongside returning favorites John Iversen, Reiko Ishiyama, Ayesha Mayadas, Naomi McIntosh, Annemieke Broenink, Daphne Krinos, John Moore, Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, Jed Green, John Moore, Bongsang Cho, Jo McDonald and Max Horst Lebert, these new artists create jewelry that inspires us all to indulge.


Ute Decker  
Described as wearable sculptures, Ute Decker's un ique and limited edition creations are minimalist y et confidently sculptural.  One of the first jewelers to champion Fair-trade gold, she selects only the finest sustai nable materials to hand-craft  her unique pieces of jewelry.  Ute's work is suggestive of an architectural language playing with volume, space and movement. Her scu lptures exude a  seemingly effortless serenity and some can be a scu lpture, ring or a pendant at the same time. Recently featured as one of the UK's top 10 jeweler s, her work has been shown in more than 50 exhibiti ons across the globe, and she has been published in a wide selection of art,  fashion, design, craft, luxury and architecture  publications.

Federica Sala
Milan-based jeweler Federica Sala's pieces show a deep exploration of delicate and sensitive materials  that she suspends in time.  She discovered the world of contemporary jewelry as an exchange student in Scotland and continued to study jewelry upon her return to Italy. She was an apprentice to noted Italian jeweler Giorgio Vigna before recently opening her own studio in Milan.  She has an MA in fashion design as has just received her MFA degree.  Working in glass, she has received a Stanislav Libensky Award 2015 as an emerging glass artist, and her new work is being shown at several well-known art fairs and galleries in Europe.  
Watervine Necklace
Giselle Courtney
Giselle Courtney enjoys a reputation for originality, with twenty years of experience producing unique jewelry and  objects fabricated from glass and precious metals. She draws her inspiration from the sand and water patterns found throughout Australia's coastal and inland waterways. As a leader in the practice of flame working, she is highly sought after for exhibitions and workshops throughout Australia, Asia and the US. A co-founder and former Director of the Glass Artists' Gallery in Sydney, her work has won numerous awards and is featured in collections around the world. 
Celery brooches in glass
Donald Friedlich
Donald Friedlich is a leading figure in the contemporary jewelry world.  By combining a wide range of glass techniques with precision metalsmithing, he creates jewelry that is akin to wearable glass sculpture - sophisticated, elegant and at the same time, fun.  Don is a sought-after teacher, lecturer and visiting artist-in-residence at universities and conferences all over the world.  His work, collected internationally, can be found in the permanent collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery, the Los Angeles County Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Corning Museum, Schmuckmuseum in Germany, and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston to name a few. 


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