It is not true what they say.  Young people are, in fact, NOT the leaders of tomorrow.   We believe they are leaders TODAY.

Our vision is to cultivate a generation of young people to develop this leadership ability and create resilient communities around the world.  We work to empower youth to define and change their world by mapping it. 
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Students at universities in the developing world and in the US are encouraged to form mapping chapters with the Youth Mappers network. We will support these student-led chapters to organize and collaborate. Mapping activities respond to data needs for actual USAID projects working in parts of the world where such spatial information can contribute to development actions. The data will also be made publicly available on OpenStreetMap and results shared throughout the network.

This program offers you the chance to network with others around the world seeking to create and use spatial data to address real world development challenges.  It is a place to learn, organize, and exchange information, ideas, and results. There is no cost for affiliation or enjoying the benefits of being a part of the network. 

For active chapters in eligible countries, we  will also offer leadership and fellowship opportunities, focused activities for female mappers and support for students and their faculty advisors to work with local communities to make a difference, together.

Looking forward to having you join us!

Patricia Solis, PhD
Program Director, Youth Mappers
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