March 22, 2019
Introducing the new VLB website!
We are pleased to announce that our new website is now live at ! Thank you to Nathan Owens ( ) for creating the website and to Lindsay Hale ( ) for designing the graphics. 

The new  will make it easier for clients, volunteers, and donors to get information about VLB services. Check out some of the new features:
Open cases
Attorney volunteers can now accept cases through the new site . To accept a case, please click the "Take a Case" button or click "I Can Help" below. 
Please help this couple with an uncontested divorce. They agree on all issues including child support and need an attorney to help them file. The couple does not have any joint property or debt and they have already divided all of their personal property. I can help!

Case Eligibility
  • There are two (2) minor children involved, but both parties would like to calculate child support according to child support guidelines. 
  • Parties agree on custody and visitation. 
VLB Added Value
  • All documents can be provided to attorney 
  • Connection to attorney mentor experienced in divorce law
Please help this father obtain custody of his 19-month-old daughter from his ex-wife. The client says that the mother's current boyfriend is abusive and has several police reports documenting the abuse. The father wants custody so he can make sure his child is safe. I can help!

Case Eligibility
  • Client has filed a petition to modify but needs help with service.
  • Abuse is documented in police reports.
  • Case is in St. Clair County

VLB Added Value
  • Connection to attorney mentor experienced in family law
  • Advice on how to proceed 
Please help this client get an uncontested divorce. The clients do not have any kids, joint property, or debts. They have divided all of their personal property and agree on all issues. I can help!

Case Eligibility
  • The parties need to file an answer and waiver
  • Parties agree on all issues

VLB Added Value
  • All forms can be provided to attorney volunteer
  • Connection to attorney mentor experienced in divorce law
Thank you Help Desk volunteers
Moses Stone at the Civil Help Desk

Thomas Creel (Carr Allison)
Samuel Ford (Fuston, Petway & French)
Honza Prchal (Heninger Garrison)
Neena Speer
Moses Stone
Lacy Triplett (Bressler)
Robin Burrell helping her client at the Domestic Relations Help Desk

Vic Baker
Christy Boardman (Bressler)
Robin Burrell (Najjar Denaburg)
Ian Green
Melinda Guillaume
Beth Howland (Bressler)
Susan McAlister
John Milledge
Laura Pizzitola (Bressler)
Rolando Rankin
Michael Russ

Student Volunteers 
Nneka Ewulonu (University of Georgia)
Clarissa Johnson (University of Alabama)
Julia Simmons (Cumberland School of Law)
Doug Friedman at the Veterans Help Desk

Doug Friedman (Friedman Law Firm)
Tyler McIntyre (Starnes)
Walter Williams (UAHSF)
Volunteer opportunities
We still have a few volunteer slots open next week at the following Help Desks:
  • Domestic Relations (3/27)
  • Veterans (3/27)
  • Civil (3/28)

Thomas Creel volunteering at a Help Desk
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