LUCA TOMBOLINI Untitled #16 from LS X

Introducing the primordial desert landscapes of Luca Tombolini
Shot on large format film, the artist's medium of choice, these sweeping crags
and vistas can at times take on the deceptive appearance of digital abstractions
"Man used to be more ignorant, if seen from a modern perspective, but [was] much more rooted in his spiritual world. Traveling alone in desert areas is a way to get . . . a bit more close to that early stage of mankind; looking at the landscape changing in the natural cycle of day and night is an experience that had profound meaning in the existence of our ancestors. What I'm trying to do is savor that part of our common Unconscious while photographing."
Luca Tombolini (b. 1979) is a Milan-based photographer. Tombolini has long been fascinated by deserts and other remote areas, using his images to philosophically explore the patterns and symmetries of these primordial lands in a quest to unearth clues about the origins of life.

His work has been exhibited internationally in Hong Kong, Vancouver, Oslo and Paris, among other destinations.

Limited edition prints from his series LS IX and LS X are available exclusively on nineteensixtyeight. International shipping available.
LUCA TOMBOLINI Untitled #16 (left), Untitled #07 (right) from LS IX
"We disconnected from life and connected instead to a self-made cultural bubble that provides us occupation for a lifetime but leaves us clueless if we just take a peek outside it."
LUCA TOMBOLINI Untitled #46 from the series LS X
LUCA TOMBOLINI Untitled #003 from the series LS X
LUCA TOMBOLINI Untitled #36 from the series LS X
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