Introducing Wallmate 32Max
Are you looking for a panel mount that can hold up to 300 lbs?
That is stable enough for touch?
That will hold all of your electronics in the wall?
and that an Installer can open up far enough to get behind the panel?

Many of our customers were too, so we made it!

Introducing the Wallmate 32MAX:
  • A single panel in-wall back box mounting system
  • Made for panels 65" diagonal and up
  • Can hold a panel up to a 300 lb.
  • The x-arm extends 16" from the wall for rear service
  • Includes top and bottom knock outs for single gang electrical boxes and conduits
  • Also has a removable peripheral mounting plate.

This product will save your team both time and money by:
  • Fitting in-between 32" Studs and not requiring blocking*,
  • Allowing your team to load equipment onto the mounting plate off-site, shortening actual install time,
  • and allowing a technician more space to get behind the panel instead of taking it off for service.
Wallmate 32MAX

The Wallmate 32MAX Solution Provides you with:

Additional Storage Space

Built-in 2" Horizontal Shift

16" X-Arm Extension
*requires 14 gauge studs or heavier