Friday May 22
Introduction from the Safe Gatherings Committee

For many of us, our patience with Zoom meetings and isolation is wearing thin. Still, the safety of all of our members, visitors, staff and clergy is paramount in our minds and hearts. We will resume in person gatherings with wisdom and purpose.

The mission of the Safe Gatherings Committee is to consider the data and information available regarding COVID-19 in our community and to provide recommendations for stages of safe reopening of the activities and programs of Riverside Presbyterian Church (RPC).

With the approval of the Session to begin its work, the Safe Gatherings Committee is compiling information and will have its first meeting on Wednesday, May 27th. Already the members of the Safe Gatherings Committee are learning about recommendations for stages of reconvening including scheduling, size of gatherings, distancing protocols, disinfecting procedures, and communication. Sources of information include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Presbyterian Church U.S.A., local and state health and government authorities, and practices of other congregations. We realize that we’d all like to ramp back up soon. Keeping that in mind, we’ll proceed prayerfully and thoughtfully. As RPC guidelines are developed for stages of reopening, they will be reviewed by staff, approved by the Session, and clearly communicated to church members. Members of the Safe Gatherings Committee are: Maribeth Ashley, Barbara Bath, Michael Brumback, Bill Hoff, Jane Miller, Susie Morrow, Kathy Para, and Dave Tuttle . The members of the Safe Gatherings Committee appreciate your prayers and input. Please feel free to reach out to any members with your thoughts and ideas.

Though we will continue our online worship, education, and fellowship resources, we look forward to the day when we can also gather in person. Our faith journey, individually and as a community, is nurtured, deepened, and strengthened by our time together. We anticipate, hopefully, the days when life-giving and life-affirming opportunities are available both online and in person.