About Izabela

"Introduction to Experiencing a Healthier You!!"

Hello WHL, -

My deep intention and joy has always been to share and teach you the ways you can discover and ignite your own healing capacity for a greater level of healing, up-leveling yourself, and living your best life.

The month of May brings to the forefront the magnification of that intent through introducing you to Wholistic Self Care (WSC) - Experience a Healthier You.

From our work together at the office I know you have been living with chronic pain for years and even for decades. Making progress can be such a relief and yet often we feel frustrated and disappointed when our pain ebbs and flows.

Science is showing us that how we relate to our pain can be affected by our thoughts, feelings, attitude, beliefs and also by our subconscious mind. This is what I am so excited to be teaching; that we can create new thoughts, emotions and energy that amplify our own healing.


My intention is to teach you how to use new tools and techniques to connect, unlock and unleash the amazing healing stream of energy that naturally flows through our physical body. You may experience healing on many different levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

WSC is an effort that represents an expanded vision of Wholistic Therapeutics growth based on my deep desire to teach each of you valuable tools and practices derived from my experience and the Science of Energy Medicine. Here is a video that brings you up to date:

The second half of 2023 is open for scheduling

We are here to serve you and help you to meet your goals and intentions.

In love and health,

Izabela Adamus, PT 

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