Hello Parents and Guardians of Elementary and Middle School Students,
Welcome to Virtual GC, the Girard College Virtual Learning Experience! Our teachers are excited and proud that we are able to offer learning remotely during this unprecedented public health crisis. Thank you for helping us keep our students’ academic instruction a top priority.

All instructional information will be sent using the online platforms created by each teacher, most of which will be Google Classroom. Please remember, this is our first attempt at teaching remotely, so thank you for understanding that we will experience some “bumps” along the way.

There will be weekly communications sent out through TeacherEase, Girard College Communications, and individual emails from teachers. Thank you for checking your email every day. The school will also post information and resources on our website at www.girardcollege.edu/about/coronavirus

Below, you will find links to our Google Classroom guide, teacher schedules, contact list, and other helpful hints.
Also, here are answers to some general questions we have received:

How will students be graded? 
Assignments that are not able to be emailed will need to be stored in a folder. Students will submit all classwork completed at home upon their return. Some assignments will be emailed back to teachers using Google Classroom. In addition, students are assessed using Freckle and ALEKS. Please note that assignments are teacher-led and may vary from grade level to grade level. Grades will continue to be recorded in TeacherEase.

Are students responsible for their computers?
Yes, students have been assigned computers and will need to return them when remote learning has completed. Students will also still need to abide by the acceptable use policy in regard to computer use. Teachers are still able to see if students are viewing inappropriate websites or material using the school computer.

Who do I contact if I have questions or issues that a teacher is unable to answer?
  • Issues with Grade 1-5 Academics – Maxine Dennison
  • Issues with Grade 6-8 Academics – Jonathan Price
  • Technology Issues 1-8 – Linda Mullen
  • General Concerns 1-8 – Stan Bobowski 

How will teachers teach?
Teachers will teach using prerecorded videos or teach in real time depending on grade level. If teachers prerecord videos, the links will be sent to students for viewing. Teachers will be available for questions during the designated times in the schedules that have been provided. The Monday–Friday schedule is the same throughout the entire week. Daily lessons and assignments will be sent to students along with a weekly lesson plan.

Thank you again for your flexibility as we launch Virtual GC. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.


Stan Bobowski
Principal, Girard College Elementary and Middle School