March 2022
Gravity Project Addresses Standardizing SDOH Data
There are approximately 140,000 ICD-10 codes used to categorize procedures and diagnoses. Consisting of six letters and numbers, ICD codes are used by providers, coders, IT professionals, insurance carriers and government agencies to uniformly note diseases on health records, track epidemiological trends and assist in medical reimbursement decisions.

But what about social determinants of health (SDOH)? There are nine SDOH Z codes, but as you might expect, they are fairly general.

Enter the Gravity Project. This collaborative public-private initiative launched in May 2019 with the goal of developing consensus-driven data standards to support the collection, use and exchange of SDOH data. It is hoped that the collection and use of this data will help to advance health equity.

Evelyn Gallego, CEO at EMI Advisors LLC and Senior Advisor at Gravity Project explained the project’s goals, technology and workstream to the GaHIN Board on March 23. Ms. Gallego explained that the Gravity Project convenes stakeholders from both the health and human services ecosystem to help design the right data standards for SDOH data sharing.
Gravity Project Timeline
The project is testing and validating standardized SDOH data for use in patient care, care coordination between health and human services sectors, population health management, public health, value-based payment and clinical research. The data standards will help exchange patient-level SDOH data across four clinical activities:
  • Screening
  • Assessment/diagnosis
  • Goal setting
  • Treatment/interventions

There are numerous opportunities to participate in the Gravity Project, including participating in testing as a referral source, care coordination platform and referral recipient. To learn more, view the Gravity Project presentation. If you are interested in participating in testing, email
March Update on GeorgiaConnX Implementation
Progress continues with the GaHIN technology implementation with major health systems connected and utilizing the GeorgiaConnX platform. Organizations currently online with query-based exchange include:
  • Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
  • Emory Healthcare
  • Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities
  • Grady Health System
  • Wellstar Health System

Onboarding continues with other healthcare organizations while Velatura works to bring other services, including ADT Alerts, online.

GaHIN's connection with eHealth Exchange is stable, with over 6,200 documents retrieved by GaHIN members in March and almost 1,300 documents retrieved from GaHIN by our eHealth Exchange partners. In addition, over 1.1 million patient discoveries were initiated by GaHIN to eHealth Exchange resulting in over 24,000 patients matched.

If you would like to view the current go-live status of GaHIN members, you can check the GaHIN Member Portal.
Denise Hines to Speak at ONC National Meeting
Dr. Denise Hines, Executive Director of GaHIN, will join a panel of fellow recipients of the ONC STAR HIE Grant to provide an overview of the role of HIEs during a public health emergency.

The meeting, being held virtually, is scheduled for April 13-14.

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