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It's introduction week! The solstice last weekend means the intro to summer, and with three summer outings under their belts, we're proud to introduce our expert field trippers! Jayme wrote about leading the kids on a trip to Stanley Park, and this week, Denet will be introducing us to exotic adventures to be had in Vancouver's ChinaTown. 

The field trips happen once a week all summer long, but Big Kids Club for 3 - 5s is still running strong, and this week, while Jen and the kids were in-house, they really got cooking. She's written a great intro to cooking-with-kids success. 

This month marks the introduction of our first quarterly snack invoicing which you'll receive on July 2, 2014, and the launch of our newest feature: Mark Your Calendars. 

Finally, on July 5, introductions can lead you to free hours for August! We're having our Open House/Bring a Friend Party from 11 - 2, and if you bring your friends in for a tour, we'll credit you with 3 hours FREE! 

If this is the first time you're receiving our newsletter, we're so pleased to welcome you. 

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Field Trip Program Update
Open House/Bring a Friend - July 5
Snacks, snacks, snacks!
Mark Your Calendars
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Summer Field Trip Program Update!

The kids are becoming professional field trippers, and we couldn't be more pleased with the participation with our Summer Field Trip Program! 

We kicked it off with a long distance adventure to the far-flung city of Richmond, where we investigated air travel at the Vancouver International Airport, and followed up with an aquatic exploration of False Creek, via Aquabus Ferry. Most recently, Jayme led the kids to visit "The Crown of Vancouver" AKA, Stanley Park, and you can read about their day at the park on the blog

There has been amazing uptake on the trips, and the kids have been enjoying them so much. This Friday from 1 - 5pm, Denet is leading the next Big Kids Abroad adventure to China Town, in downtown Vancouver. There are still spaces for attendees, and if you'd like to join, you can email Talia for the details. 

Bring a Friend to our Open House and Get 3 hours FREE!
We're pleased to invite you, and your friends, to our Open House and Bring a Friend Party! 
It's the win-win-win way for you to bring your friends into Buddings so they can try out flexible occasional childcare (with their first month's membership FREE!), you can get 3 hours FREE for August, and Buddings can meet some new families! 
The event takes place on Sat. July 5, from 11am - 2pm, and we'll have all your child's favourite activities and events to share with their friends. 
Click the link, or the flyer image, to find the info on our website and share it to your friends! 
We even have flyers that you can pass out, to get your free hours even if you can't make it! Just write your name on the card, or remind your friends to let us know how they heard about the event to get 3 hours for August for FREE! 
Snacks, snacks, snacks! 
With all the field trips and hubbub of traveling all around Metro Vancouver, you're wondering what happened to the Big Kids' Club: Buddings Editions. 
They're still meeting up, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 1 - 4pm, and this month, in honour of their new friend Buddy the Alien, they've been making their own internal exploration of SPACE! It's Star Trek's final frontier, and the kids have been using it as a jumping off point to think about everything from travel to treats. 
Jen has a post on the blog about Space Bundles, and a recipe you can try out at home!  
And speaking of snacking, invoices for snacks purchased in April, May, and June, will be going out on July 2, due by the end of the month. If you'd like to pay with a credit card, please note, you can select all the invoices at once, with the tick boxes on the left side of the list, and then enter your information just once. You can also pay with cash, or card, at the daycare, anytime. 
Mark Your Calendars! 
One more introductions, before we leave off...
Here at Buddings, we get details and flyers for tonnes of events and activities, and a lot of them sound so cool, we want to share them with you! Towards the end of each month, watch for our new feature: Mark Your Calendars!
Terminal City Glass Co-op
7 - 10pm at 1191 Parker Street
Tickets are $20 - $50, and you could blow your own glass right at the party!
Steveston, Richmond
Events run from 6:30am - 5pm, and include parades, pancakes, and salmon BBQed over fire pits!
Salmon fillet dinner is $15. Other events are free.

Buddings Daycare
11am - 2pm at 950 West Broadway
Free to attend, free first month membership, free hours in August!

Salt Spring Centre of Yoga
Family friendly yoga retreat, with activities to connect the whole family. Kids' programming organized by our own Johanna Peters. 
Day passes start at $80, or stay in-house for the whole weekend for $571. 

And if you'd like to post an event, email Talia
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