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August 2012
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Secrets of Successful Introverts
Medical Innovation and FDA: Public Perceptions
Avoiding Partnership Pitfalls: Top 10
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     I'm an introvert at heart - yes, really. So I was fascinated to read about introverts as business leaders in the lead article this month. If you've worked for both extroverts and introverts, you may find it interesting, too.


     Plus some thoughts on partnering relationships and public views of innovation and our FDA.




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Secrets of Successful Introverts

     So, who are more likely to be successful business leaders, extroverts or introverts? Well, if Les McKeown is right, the answer is introverts - by a ratio of about four to one! Who knew? Even though extroverts are more memorable and get more ink, it's often the introverts who create longer-lasting, legacy-leaving success.



     In his recent article, McKeown highlights four secrets of successful introverts:

  • The power of focus
  • The strength of the team
  • The strategic value of anonymity
  • The freedom from narrative

     I think each of these factors is compelling. So, don't worry about your low profile; it could be a symptom (and cause) of success!




Medical Innovation and FDA: Public Perceptions 


     NEHI's 2012 Innovation Barometer surveyed 500 voting members of the general public that regularly read newspapers and follow current events in the healthcare sector. Two of the study's findings were surprising and counterintuitive to me:

  1. When asked what the priorities of government should be during the next five years in order to control healthcare costs, 83% of respondents felt that a high priority should be to support research to discover new medicines, medical devices, and other healthcare technologies.
  2. 58% of respondents felt that FDA should approve a product that may be harmful to some patients as long as the risk is disclosed and it is proven to be effective for other patients.
  3. Innovation

    If you pay attention to many in the US executive and legislative branches of government, you may be surprised by the findings of this admittedly small study.



Avoiding Partnership Pitfalls: Top 10 





     Corporate partnering in life science endeavors, or in any domain for that matter, is a tricky business fraught with potential pitfalls. And a mountain of words has been erected on this subject. Some better-than-average words have been produced by Wayne Koberstein in two recent articles. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 here.

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