All ~

Please be aware that we have received reports from several individuals receiving an email from what looks like Mother Sylvia, but it is a phishing scam.
If you receive an email from any staff or clergy member at St. Mark's that doesn't seem legitimate, is asking you for gifts or money, or is requesting any sort of personal or sensitive information, please be aware of the following:

  1. Check the sender email address. Our policy has been updated so that all emails coming from St. Mark's staff or clergy will come from the "STMARKSABQ.ORG" email address.
  2. Gift and/or donation requests will be included in the weekly "Messenger," so you may check " The Messenger" the validity of the request in question.
  3. Do not click on any links or respond to the email in question.
  4. Check with the named "sender" of a questionable email by calling or texting (not by replying to the email) to inquire whether the email is valid.
  5. Report the incident (without forwarding it) to St. Mark's.
  6. Mark the email as SPAM and report it to your email vendor.
  7. Delete the email.

Thanks for your patience and help,

Erin Cook
Communications Coordinator