Zombie Produce July 2016
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Summer Travels?
If you are changing planes at Chicago's O"Hare Airport, check out the Urban Tower Garden Farm in Terminal 3.
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The Ultimate Adaptable Vegetable
Are you ready to try a new dark green leafy veggie? Introducing Swiss Chard:  the ultimate adaptable vegetable! 
swiss chard
Use chard leaves in any recipe that uses spinach, and use stalks as a good stand-in for asparagus or celery. Swiss Chard grows very quickly in your Tower Garden and it looks beautiful!

Zombie produce! What? 
Okay, maybe not quite zombie produce, but for many reasons "ugly" produce is becoming more and more popular these days.

Did you know that for years Juice Plus+ has been helping combat food waste by using ugly produce in our products? However, even though JP+ has helped, the industry estimates that over 44 skyscrapers worth of ugly produce is still discarded every year!  Are ugly you curious to learn more?

To Eat Less, Do This
Want to eat less?  Try the suggestion in this article and see if it helps you!

Clutter in our kitchens may lead us to eat more. In the study, women waited next to an assortment of healthy and unhealthy snacks in a messy or clean kitchen. Women who waited in the messy one ate more overall, and they were two times more likely to eat cookies than those in the tidy space. read more

What are antioxidants?
In a nutshell, antioxidants prevent cell damage.

The prefix "anti-" means "against" and you absolutely want to be against oxidation - cell damage - in your body!

Antioxidants "mop up" and neutralize free radicals, which cause damage to DNA and cells. While free radical damage (oxidation) is inevitable and a normal part of aging, studies have shown that antioxidants may help prevent or manage chronic disease, soothe inflammation and even help stave off cancer.

*Note:  over 21 clinical studies have shown increased levels of key antioxidants in the bloodstream after taking JP+.
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Eat the Rainbow
And all you need to eat is one veggie!

Rainbow swiss chard is beautiful both inside and out. Chard is one of the excellent vegetable sources for vitamin-K; 100g provides about 700% of recommended intake!  For a delicious, easy chard recipe:
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Farm Fresh Nutrition
farm fresh
Do you enjoy going to Farmers' Markets in the summertime?  Do you interview the farmers about their farm and their growing methods?   Watch this video and take a 2 minute tour of some of the Juice Plus+ farms and farmers - as one of them says "we are the stewards of the soil."
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