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Invasive Mosquito Alert: Aedes aegypti Detected in Chino 

Sept 19 - The West Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District has detected the presence of Aedes aegypti, commonly known as the yellow fever mosquito, in Chino.  Additional surveillance near Central and Chino Avenue was triggered by a service request.  Adults, larvae and pupae were collected at the site. This is the second time a resident request has uncovered the presence of invasive mosquitoes this year (first was a resident in Chino Hills).
The yellow fever mosquito will bite in the daytime and the evening They are small mosquitoes that have white bands on its legs, and prefer to lay eggs in man-made receptacles such as tires, fountains, potted plants, and birdbaths. Aedes lay their eggs singly on the sides of containers, usually just above the water line, and can withstand drying and heat for up to 12 months.  When the eggs meet with water, they activate and hatch.  Aedes may lay eggs and develop indoors as well as outdoors.
Aedes aegypti are an important species because they are known transmitters of West Nile virus, Dengue, and Zika virus.  Because they are new to our environment and with their unique biting and egg laying habits, yellow fever mosquitoes have the potential to spread rapidly and introduce previously unseen human disease to our area.
Residents can help combat this invasive mosquito by dumping all standing water found in items such as birdbaths, trash cans, and flowerpots, to frequently change the water in pet's dishes and to ensure pools and spas are properly maintained.  Containers that were holding water should also be cleaned and scrubbed thoroughly to remove any eggs glued to the sides.
To prevent mosquito bites, ensure that window screens are in good repair, and to use an effective mosquito repellent when outdoors. The Centers for Disease Control recommends using a repellent containing Picaridin, DEET, Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, or IR3535.
Residents are also urged to report green pools, standing water, or day-biting mosquito problems to the District at 909-635-0307 or online at

For More Information Contact:
District Manager
Dr. Michelle Brown
909-635-0307 (work)
Community Outreach Coordinator
Brian Reisinger
909-376-4376 (cell) 
909-635-0307 (work)

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