February News for You!
Are you interested in pecan production?
Join us on March 12th at the ASU Beebe Farm for our pecan production workshop. Topics will include site selection, soil sampling and fertility, cross-pollination, spacing, and pruning. To learn more visit our website.

Pre-registration is required before March 2nd.
Do you have Chinese privet in your yard?
Exotic invasives cause more than $130 billion annually in damage in the United States. Chinese privet (pictured here) is one of the top five exotic invasive plants in Arkansas by percent land coverage. To learn more about invasive plants visit our website.

We are seeking volunteers to join us in removing Chinese privet, as a part of the Arkansas Watershed Stewards Program on Feb. 15th 9AM-12PM. The event is being held at our headquarters located at 2301 S. University Ave. in Little Rock.

If you can't make it, join us in spirit and remove Chinese privet from your own yard! Visit our reference desk or contact your local county Extension agent for help identifying Chinese privet.
Wet Weather Dominates Pasture Land
Wet weather can result in soil compaction which leads to a host of other problems for producers.

The keys to recovery is to over-seed at above-recommended rates and to move animals off your best pastures.
Anti-obesity Effort Brings Enhancements to Forrest City
Forrest City was awarded funding to improve its farmers market. Funding was secured through the Arkansas Delta Region Obesity Project (ArDROP). This project focuses on making community-wide, lasting impacts with a special emphasis on policy, systems, and environmental change.

The improvements were identified by a coalition of Forrest City Citizens.
Habits persist as long as they fit our self-image. For example, instead of creating a goal to save money start thinking of yourself as a saver.
Will you be having dark chocolate this Valentine's Day? It might actually be healthier than you thought!
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