Invention and Reinvention
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It’s been a banner year here at Argentum! We celebrated our 15-year anniversary in June and we have never been busier. We’ve had a great mix of new and returning clients, and one of the highlights of 2021 has been working with the team at Wynk to create and build the Wynk THC & Seltzer brand. We’ve included a brief case study in this issue about marketing in this new cannabis beverage category. It also has some fun examples of Wynk’s branding, advertising and social media. Plus Wynk is looking to fill two new senior marketing roles! Job descriptions are in the blog post.
With fifteen years of client work under our belt, it's not surprising that we’ve reached the point where previous clients are starting to return for positioning statement updates. We had two this year, albeit for very different reasons: One was driven by growth and expansion, while the other was due to Covid-related global supply chain disruption. It was exciting to dive back in with these clients, and we’ve got a quick case study about how we approached their tune-ups.
As always, we still made sure to carve out time to mentor and coach entrepreneurs, which is stimulating, rewarding and never dull. As an Entrepreneur in Residence for Future Founders, Argentum continues to mentor young entrepreneurs. Additionally, again this year we coached all of the University of Chicago’s Global New Venture Challenge (GNVC) teams in Hong Kong, London and Chicago.
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Diving into Cannabis Beverages
It’s not often that brand marketers get to work in a new-to-the-world category. The cannabis beverage space is the marketing Wild West right now, and we’ve been having a blast helping our client launch Wynk™ THC & Seltzer nationally. Read the case study.
Backing Off Buzzwords
Colliers is one of the largest industrial real estate firms in the country. Their selective, highly specialized Logistics and Transportation Group wanted messaging that went beyond platitudes and generic buzzwords to more clearly describe why they’re different and special in a meaningful, believable way.

In this 5-minute video for their annual Supply Chain Conference, our President, Susan Silver, describes the challenge, the positioning process and its outcome.
Evolving Value Propositions
When you position your product or company, the work is grounded in brand fundamentals that are expected to remain core across multiple years. But when the company evolves and grows, what do you do to incorporate important changes into your positioning? Or what happens when market conditions shift so dramatically that they impact your central point of difference?

This case study covers how we worked with two returning clients to help them reshape their core messaging.
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