Why Nobody Wants to Dance with the Wallflowers 


In Malcolm Gladwell's book "What the Dog Saw", he interviews Ron Popeil, serial inventor and pitchman who was responsible for products in infomercials like the "Showtime Rotisserie". Now before you scoff at Ron as a campy pitchman, you should know that his products have pulled in over $2B in sales (yes, that's "B" as in Billion).  He believed it was a mistake to separate product development from marketing. "Developing and marketing a product are like left and right feet," says Popeil. "They both have to work for the product to succeed." 
It's one thing to have a great idea and try to develop it into a product or business, but the other "foot" you need in order to stand upright is being able to answer one very important question: will people buy it?  
Way too many inventors & entrepreneurs get all dressed up for the prom, rent the limo, and show up just to stand along the wall and wait for someone to approach them.  They mistakenly think that because they are so sure they have a great product, potential customers will suddenly flock to them for some strange, unknown reason.  They have the same problem as the shy person at the prom: you have a poor chance of being an attractive dance partner if you're not already out there on the dance floor.  
Well, the auditorium is full, and the band is beginning to play.  Now it's time to decide if you're going to stand along the wall or get out there and dance. One great way to begin to learn all the right dance moves is to join us for our next 
Inventors Council Free Open Meeting in Lexington on Tuesday, March 7th as we hear from  Ryan Kelly  from  MakeTime .   See all the details below .

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I'll be looking to see you in Lexington next week at Inventors Council meeting in Lexington on Tuesday March 7th! 

MtgAnnc1701Tuesday - March 7th, 2017
Join us for :

So your'e ready to launch your product, but have you counted the cost of  actual production ? How do you find  the right place to manufacture it, who do you trust and who will do the quantities you need to get started

Find out the answers to these questions and more as we hear from - 
Ryan Kelly with MakeTime

MakeTime is a Lexington company that is bringing American Manufacturing into the 21st Century by providing manufacturers with a flexible, fault-resistant supply chain by harvesting the surplus production capacity of manufacturing facilities from across the US.   

They are leveraging the cloud to provide "lean" procurement of getting products made. 

MakeTime takes you on a path to production that
doesn't include waiting on RFQs, vetting suppliers or micro-managing manufacturing.

So join us as we learn how you can get to market faster, innovate more effectively and operate more efficiently using this great new concept.  

We Hope to See You at our
 Free Open Meeting 
on Tuesday March 7th! 
When: Tuesday, March 7th, 2017
Doors Open at 6:30pm
Meeting Begins at 7:00pm

Where:  Eastside Library

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Doors Open at 6:30pm
Meeting Begins at 7:00pm
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