Distressed Piano Disposal Sale!
Limited selection offered at wholesale pricing,
but all pianos are specially priced.
Now thru Saturday, August 31
Call for more information: 513-779-4000
Several grand specials are featured below, but there are more available...
Steinway & Sons
Model M 5'7"
plays well, newer strings and pins, excellent soundboard and bri dges
Wholesale price: $5,500
The current msrp on the Model M is $74,300!
Mason & Hamlin
Model A 5'8"
very nice condition, plays well
typical large M&H tone and sustain
Wholesale price: $7,500
The current msrp on the Model A is $68,890!
5'3" Classic grand
completely rebuilt, beautifully refinished
Wholesale price : $6,500
Previously priced at $12,000
Steinway & Sons
Model M 5'7"
built in NYC 1979. great condition
Wholesale price: $17,500
Previously priced at $24,500
Sample Listing of a few other grands, great values, under $5,000

  • Francis Bacon small grand, rebuilt, American-made...was $3900, NOW $1,900
  • Wm. Knabe 5' grand, American-made...was $4,650, NOW $2,500
  • Bush & Gerts, American-made small grand...was $6,000 NOW $3,250
  • Sojin 5'10", Made in Japan, nice walnut finish was $7,500 NOW $3,900
We have over 40 vertical pianos available, including Steinway, Baldwin, Yamaha, Sohmer, Kohler & Campbell, Samick and many other brands,
some of which are included in this disposal sale,
starting at under $1,000...
Store Hours:
Monday thru Friday, 10:30 to 5:30
Saturday, 10:30 to 5:00
Sunday (or any other time) by appointment
10177 International Blvd | West Chester, OH 45246 
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