January 2019 Small Bites
Protect Your CBD Inventory
The times they are a changin'
With the recent passing of the Farm Bill, hemp is now legal to grow and process for the first time since 1937.

What does that have to do with retailing? Growers will expand the acreage and you can most certainly expect new products to hit the market. In the past two years there has been an increase in Vermont hemp acreage and the production of CBD products. With the national prohibition lifted, Vermont products will increase and there will be increased competition from national, well funded operations.

CBD products are expensive and need to be protected from theft by customers and staff. MOCO in Morrisville expanded their locked case to reflect their ever increasing inventory. They found an inexpensive 2nd-hand sunglasses case that fits their need to lock inventory and yet showcases their products located at their register area.

Sweet Clover Market has their products at the register and are within easy reach of service from the staff. These stores know the need to protect CBD products from theft while providing ample service, meeting the ever-increasing customer needs around these products.
Does you produce department have high shrink? Need a helping hand reining in the waste and creating streamlined buying?

Let Farm to Plate help increase your margins through in-store audits and operational reviews.
Tools for Stores: A New Look
Farm to Plate has a collection of tools & resources for stores. Check out the new look of easy-to-access retailing tools. Videos, printable training tools and online worksheets include purchasing, merchandising, operations, developing leadership, communication among others. All these tools are created to increase local foods sales at independent stores. Sometimes though, we need to focus on operations and systems first.
Vermont Switchel- Stock your coolers with this great alternative to soda.

It's not just for summer quenching either, serve it up warm for customers to sample. Farm to Plate is excited that they have expanded and is another Vermont food company reaching coast to coast!
We love gateway producers !
These are local producers from within your community often scaling up from farmers' markets and looking to gain a retail footprint.

Gateway include local bakeries, meat producers, eggs, and even trail bars! Pete's Greens in Waterbury supports Sherry's Trail Bars , also from Waterbury. The display is in a prominent location near the register, making it easy to shop.

For producers, the next stage after gateway , is often utilizing small-area distributors such as Lesser or Killam Sales. They work directly with independent retail stores helping emerging companies reach new markets and for stores to have access to more products
Tip: Place national items on sale with local products to enhance Vermont product visibility and gain margin while promoting local products
Does your staff need nudging with their retail skills?
Check out Take 5 ; our series of twelve 5-7 minute clips.
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