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"Curiosity pulls people into scams."


- Author Unknown


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We take special care to ensure the information we provide you in "The Leeeyzawn" is the latest and most current information available. In this edition, we have addressed making sure worker's comp claims are legit and ­­­­­­­­­­what to do if you suspect a scam with a worksite injury.

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Make Sure Worker's Comp Claims are Legitimate

From January 1st to May 10, 2015, 657 claims and 574 cases of workers' compensation had been filed in Arkansas alone. Of those, 263 claims and 230 cases had payments made on them. The total compensation + medical bills paid out for those was $24,406,506, for an average of $49,500 per claim and case [Source:]. If you believe that everyone who received their nearly $50,000 payment was entitled to it for a legitimate worker's compensation issue, then feel free to stop reading right now. If, however, you have any question or curiosity about it, please consider this case study.


Case Study

Faced with an award of over a million dollars, a national insurance company believed there were plenty of red flags on the claim and asked us to conduct a surveillance to track the daily activities of a man who had claimed to have had his ankle crushed and was hardly able to walk. Our surveillance teams conducted over a dozen surveillances of the man's residence, and he was observed conducting several activities around his house. We watched him slip off... Read More 


Suspect a Scam on a Worksite Injury?

If you have ever suspected that a worksite injury claim was a scam, you're not alone, and there is nothing wrong with having suspicions. In fact, you may have been right. Consider this case study.


Case Study

Faced with a continuing problem of employees feigning workplace injuries, a local company requested we conduct a surveillance of an employee that claimed a serious back injury and could not perform his daily duties. Our surveillance lasted 36 continual hours because of the location and inability to move around in the area. During this time, the employee was observed unloading a large toolbox and an apartment-sized refrigerator from his vehicle into a backyard shop. Later he was observed loading several duffel bags into the vehicle. We continued our surveillance into the afternoon, when he was seen leaving the house on his motorcycle and driving around the dirt roads near his house until nightfall. The employee was surprised the next day when representatives of his employer arrived at his house, retrieved the keys to his company vehicle and fired him on the spot. Result: another fraudster learns a lesson.


As we described in the previous article, you stand to lose a significant amount of money if you pay a fraudulent workers' compensation injury. Do you suspect...Read more


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