Back to School 2017 Edition
Schools Are Back in Session!

In preparation for the new school year, former GA Appleseed staffer Teddy Reese joined forces with local members of the Steering Committee of the "All In!" Campaign, school members, and Pvlse Media for the "All In" promo. 
All In--30 sec Promo
All In--30 sec Promo

For more information on our work with Productive Learning Environments and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) click here.

For more information on PBIS from the Georgia Department of Education click here.

School climate refers to the quality and character of the school community. Research indicates
that the following are true in a school with a positive school climate:  
Achievement inequities are reduced;  
A safe and drug-free learning environment is provided;  
Social and emotional needs of the whole child are met;  
Student learning is promoted;
Positive relationships among students, staff, and community are fostered.

Meet our newest team member, Staff Attorney Terrence Wilson.  Read his profile here.


As students return to school, don't forget to check out our Keeping Kids in Class Toolkit. 

View best practices, guides, and the suspension rates for your school/district.

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