March 2021
Whether it is the pandemic making your life feel uncertain, or an unexpected job loss, uncertainty never feels good. As a franchise consultant, I help people find a new definition of security by teaching them about building an asset, a franchise business that creates cash flow, equity and tax savings; thereby helping them create a future they own and can control so that life can feel certain on their own terms.

This pandemic has added a fun, new challenge to our definition of uncertainty. With so much focus on sickness and death, many are living in a perpetual state of survival. Survival mode forces people to think in limited ways, to be on guard looking out for the lurking enemy. Trying to create an exciting future from survival mode is virtually impossible. You cannot get to a state of abundant belief and excitement when you are starting from a state of fight or flight. If thoughts are things, and they are, then how we think determines what we experience. You cannot think thoughts in opposition to your desire, and expect to achieve what you desire. You simply cannot get there from there. If you are ready for more than survival, all you have to do is start thinking about life instead of death. Start day dreaming again! Start planning your future!

The reality is that life is always uncertain. We have all spent the last year focusing on what we could not control, and that has created a lot of fear, sickness, bankruptcies and depression. Many have forgotten that there is so much that we still can control such as how we think, what we dream about and how we feel. In every moment of the day, we have the choice to feel fear or faith. We can make ourselves happy with thoughts of love and abundance, or we can make ourselves angry with thoughts about what Covid-19 has taken away. Sometimes it is necessary to allow yourself to feel the anger, but you cannot stay there and expect your world to be a happy, prosperous place. It is possible to be living a happy, prosperous life despite the pandemic; and if you are, that does not make you ignorant, callous or uncaring. It makes you inspiring, a leader and someone other’s can look up to.

Starting a business, no matter the economy or present day circumstances, comes with uncertainty. The best part about a franchise is that we can minimize the uncertainty by investing in people who have the experience we lack, who offer the training we need, who have created the toolbox that will make ramping the business faster and easier. A franchise also comes with a built in family; fellow franchisees who like older siblings can share wisdom that comes from experience.

It is okay to want to prosper even during a pandemic. It is okay to dream of a future you own and can control. Be the light in the dark world! If rising tides raise all ships, your positive energy will inspire those around you to their own dreams. If we all start to focus on our dreams and a future we own and control, and wake up everyday choosing faith over fear, the world will soon reflect dreams and faith
instead of death and fear. This is the law of the universe, the law of attraction, God’s law. This is how life was intended to be lived.
God bless our friends in Texas who have endured so much unpredictable weather that has wreaked havoc on their pipes, pools and lives! They know first hand the value of a good restoration company who can create order from disaster. Imagine how good it could feel to help families in a time of need?

You do not have to imagine! You can talk to some franchisees who already do!
  • Simple
  • Highly-Scalable
  • No Experience Necessary
  • Huge Gross Profit Margins
  • Low Start-Up Investment
  • Covid & Recession Resistant
  • Long-term Sustainable Business
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and lives after a disaster,

If you are in career transition through no fault of your own, or you fear getting laid off despite giving all you have to a company, it could be time to consider a new definition of security. Check this out!
Congratulations to one of my existing franchisees who said YES! to scaling his business despite the pandemic in February. Mario went from owning the rights to open 3 locations to now owning the rights to open 6 locations! His salon suite business is THE answer to Covid-19 in the salon/beauty industry.
Mario & Celia | New Jersey
My Salon Suites
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Kim is incredible!
Kim was incredibly helpful in our journey to become business owners. She was meticulous in getting to know our values, strengths, vision and goals, which led to us getting connected with the perfect business opportunity. She is also very generous with her time, wisdom, and resources. We would highly recommend her and give her 5 stars!!!

Nathan - Austin, TX
February 2020
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