Investing in education is an investment in NH's future

The Business Case for a Strong Educational System in NH

New Hampshire businesses struggle to fill their workforce needs, particularly in their search for employees equipped with the necessary skills and critical thinking abilities. Ensuring our children can access high-quality public education programs that nurture innovation, foster creativity, promote inclusivity, and draw valuable lessons from history is essential to addressing these shortages. Companies that champion robust public education actively promote their communities' enduring vitality and prosperity, a commitment that pays dividends over time.


A robust public school system plays a vital role in community development. It contributes to economic stability by reducing income disparities and poverty, fuels community advancement by providing a skilled labor force, and attracts new talent and investment. Strong public schools create an environment where everyone benefits. Despite this, most New Hampshire students live in areas where the local property tax base falls short of adequately funding their schools. When our schools are underfunded, we shortchange our future.

The success of business relies on strong public institutions and a healthy democracy. Civic education for students is of paramount importance for the sustainability of our democratic form of government. It is essential to reverse the decline in civic engagement in the state and the nation. Schools can and should play a pivotal role in equipping young people with the knowledge and skills necessary to be active and informed citizens.


Strong communities thrive on innovative thinking and problem-solving. They hold dear the opportunities that arise from different perspectives and open-minded inquiry, values that are grounded in education. It is deeply concerning that our classrooms and public schools are now the battlegrounds for a vicious culture war promoted by an extremely vocal minority. Legislation and strategies that limit students' exposure to diverse ideas have been introduced. These stifle discussion and create an atmosphere of censorship and fear. Critical thinking can only flourish in an environment where students are encouraged to explore, question, and analyze a wide range of perspectives and information.


Business plays an important role in championing a strong public education system, especially in being active and supportive partners within the educational ecosystem. Through investments, collaboration, advocacy, and engagement with educational institutions and communities, businesses can contribute to the development of a well-educated, skilled workforce, ultimately fostering prosperity for all residents.

When we invest in education, we invest in economic prosperity.

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Pathways to Prosperity is a transformative program aimed at highlighting the synergistic benefits of businesses stepping up and taking a proactive leadership role in addressing critical societal issues that affect the workforce and communities around them. By leveraging their resources, influence, and innovative approaches,

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