Greetings Ladies,

Sounds strange, different, not you, well let's see!  I was in the field of Psychology for several years before coming into the field of Investing, and I need to tell you - these fields are not so different.
Most people do not invest with knowledge, and we don't always act with our knowledge as well, but we do act with our emotions.  Some try to invest on their own, others use professional help.  However you decide to invest, "emotions" play a big part in your decisions.
Let's use an example.  The market is at an all-time high.  People, especially women are anxious, they're concerned.  Maybe it is time to play it safe, to sit back and wait.  Yet others are excited, they're thinking "Let's go for it while the getting is good."  Did you know that fear is a strong player in your decision making?  The fear of the unknown.  What will the market do next?  Will I lose all my money? Who can I trust to talk with about my investments?  And the list goes on!
How many of you really know why you're feeling this way?  Is it your belief system from childhood? Is it because you're not feeling in control of your money? Are you new in the game of investing?  Whatever the reasons or feeling you have, you are entitled to them, and you should accept them until you can better understand them.  Whatever your fears or concerns are, you need to Validate Them!
Validation is the first step to accepting what your emotions are telling you.  Only you can truly believe what you're feeling.  If you do not accept these emotions, then your next emotion will be Panic!
Follow these 2 Steps:
Step 1:  When you know you need to invest for your future, go talk to a professional in the field about long-term investing.  Try to understand how the market works, but don't worry about what the market is doing today; it is not relevant.  What is relevant is that you're doing something.  You're gathering information.
Step 2:  Deal with your emotions and gut instinct about investing.  Woman's intuition is a great asset that we have so USE IT, and then Trust Your Emotions.
Let me know what you thought of this topic.  We are starting at ground level.  I always say "You need to know where you are now, before you know where you are going."  I hope to hear from you on this topic, and how it relates to you.  

We'll talk soon.  


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