April 30, 2018 - Vol 2: Fisheries and Aquaculture  
Fisheries and Aquaculture: Outlook and Opportunities
Belize offers an ideal marine environment that has bolstered continued growth and diversification in the Fisheries and Aquaculture industry. Key advantages include close proximity to major export markets including suitable climatic conditions for fisheries and aquaculture production. Currently, the Fisheries and Aquaculture industry employs 1.7% of the labour force in Belize ranking 4th in income earnings contributing up to 3% to Belize's GDP in 2016. As such, there continues to exist a multitude of investment opportunities in both capture and culture ventures.
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Success Story Video Feature:
Fein Catch Limited - Tilapia Farm
Fein Catch Video Feature
"BELTRAIDE has been a vital partner in Fein Catch Limited's growth in its current success and certainly for the future..."

Troy Gabb, General Manager, Fein Catch Ltd.
Managed Access:
A Rights - Based Approach for Small Scale Fisheries in Belize
Belize is committed to ensuring the sustainability of its small-scale fisheries and has implemented a comprehensive model for small-scale fisheries management through the Managed Access Programme. This is a fully implemented national system of marine tenure and zoning which allocates fishing rights for Belize's 3,000 traditional fishers and provides incentives for fishers to protect their fishing areas. The implementation of this system, along with other key pillars, will serve as a sustainable and promising approach to the Fisheries industry in Belize. See Managed Access Map at the following link
National Geographic Feature:
Innovative Solutions for Reef Restoration in Belize
National Geographic recently featured breath-taking photographs and videos highlighting Belize's innovative solutions to restore and protect its coral reefs and marine resources as a model for the world. Days before the helicopter flight cited, the Healthy Reef for Healthy People Initiative (HRI) issued its latest report on the state of the Mesoamerican Reef assessing live coral, fleshy macroalgae, commercial fishing and herbivorous fish. In the ten years since the report was first issued, the overall health of the reef has improved based on the various strategies adopted; however, it is cited that there is still more to be done.
Project Opportunity: Mahogany Farms
Project Name: Mahogany Farms by Echotropics 
Sector: Tourism - Mixed Use Development
Status: Open
Location: Corozal / Chetumal Bay - Corozal District 

Project Summary
A 1,550 acre beach front sustainable Lifestyle community and tourism development in Northern Belize, Corozal District. The opportunity includes the development of a balance of mixed facility elements including a boutique hotel complex, high-end homes and retirement villas, restaurant, bar, spa and gym, organic farm and garden, shopping and educational facilities.
This project aims to provide significant levels of infrastructure and sustainability as a lifestyle concept within the community and contribute to the surrounding area. The project also includes a sewage treatment plant, a renewable energy building and a biodigester facility with a location that offers one mile of beach along the Corozal / Chetumal Bay area.

Total Est. Capital Investment: USD $10,000,000
Total Est. Capital Required: USD $8,500,000
Estimated Return on Investment: 15%
Preferred Sources of Capital: Equity / Debt / Other
Preferred Mode of Investment:
Joint Venture Partnership 

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