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Inaugural Africa's Public Officials Energy and Environment Workshop - 2012

The Centre for Energy and Electric Power (CEEP) of the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at Tshwane University of Technology announces its inaugural annual workshop on Energy and the Environment for Africa's Public Officers, and you are cordially invited to attend.
DATE: 6 - 8 March 2012
VENUE: St. George Hotel, Centurion
WEBSITE: Click here to visit the event website
Developing new sources of energy has direct and potentially degenerative impacts on the environment. Some of the problems identified can be solved or mitigated at the level of policy making and by regulation. However, this calls for policymakers to have a reasonable knowledge of energy and the environment.
It is imperative for scientists to clearly translate technical terms into understandable language that can help policy makers in their deliberation processes, to help them make informed decisions for their constituents at local, regional and national levels.
This workshop makes energy and environmental concepts accessible to non-technical policy makers who require sufficient knowledge of energy and the environment to formulate relevant policy that would adequately cater for both energy provision, maintenance and its impact on the environment.

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In addition the workshop will highlight some of the social and political issues that can aid government responses to matters relating to energy and the environment. The workshop will adopt a case study methodology and focus on participatory engagement with knowledge sharing and dissemination. The format will include presentations from experts from various parts of the continent as well as more developed countries about how they have managed to deal with problems relating to energy and the environment and the lessons learned in the process.
The aim of the workshop is to create awareness around energy and the environment and to build capacity among Africa's government officials and political office holders in energy and electric power, and to discuss how the energy sector interacts with and impacts the environment.
  • Energy, technology and the environment: a global perspective
  • Electric power and energy in society and politics
  • Africa as a potential source of environmentally friendly energy sources: issues
  • Lessons from the north: case studies (USA, Netherlands, Germany and Spain)
  • Energy-technology innovation (ETI) and financing green technology
  • Energy and natural disasters
  • Civil society concerns about energy, the environment and climate change
  • A case for environmental protection: policy dimension
  • Energy and the environment: common problems and challenges
  • Monitoring and evaluation of energy related operations
  • Special session on understanding the COP process and the key issues addressed during the COP 17 discussions 
The Energy and Environment Workshop brings together, Africa's public officials and legislators from local, provincial and national government, along with key stakeholders involved with energy and environment issues at universities and within the private sector and civil society, including government officials, academics, researchers, consultants and delegates from international organisations, corporations and NGOs from Africa, Europe, America and Asia.
Selected confirmed speakers include:
  • Cecilia Njenga-Kinuthia, head, UN Environment Programme - SA Liaison Office
  • Barry Bredenkamp, acting general operations manager, Central Energy Fund, South Africa
  • Barry MacColl, acting general manager: research, test and development, Eskom
  • Prof. Duco Pulle, RWTH-Aachen University, Germany
  • Dr. Lindiwe Majele Sibanda, CEO, FANRPAN
  • Prof. Pius Yanda, director, Pan-Africa START, Tanzania 
  • Gonzalo Carassco, director, Renewable Consortium, Spain
  • Prof. Roger Ebbage, energy management coordinator, Lane Community College, USA
  • Farai Kanonda, senior financial analyst, energy, environment and climate change, African Development Bank
  • Prof. Luiz Pinguelli Rosa, director, China-Brazil Centre for Climate Change and Energy
  • Silas Zimu, CEO, Suzlon, South Africa
  • Kristy Faccer, head - stakeholder Engagement, SARVA, CSIR, South Africa
  • Stephen Mutimba, Camco Advisory, Kenya
  • Samuel Dotse, Regional Focal Point, GEF-NGO Network, West & Central Africa, Ghana
  • Andres Ilombart-Estopinian, deputy director, CIRCE, University of Zaragoza, Spain
  • Prof. Kornelis Blok, Utrecht University, Netherlands
  • Dr. Britta Rennkamp, researcher - energy, environment and climate change, Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town, South Africa 
Further information
Click here to visit the event website 
Click here to download the event brochure and registration form
Click here to view the event programme
For further information, contact
General: ; Tel: (+27)12 382-5911
Prof. Josiah Munda:
Amanda van Rensburg:
Zelda Janse van Rensburg:

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