Delphi March-April Classes
We send you love and blessings in this beautiful spring season. We wanted to let you know about our upcoming classes and to invite you to come to Delphi to experience the high and sacred energies here, develop and express your spiritual gifts and abilities, and to heal your body, mind, and spirit. Perhaps no time of year is as beautiful as springtime in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The trees and flowers are blooming, the wildlife is prolific, and the environment is ideal for inspiration and spiritual development.  Springtime is when life renews itself, new seeds are planted, and seeds planted in the past bear fruit. Spring is the perfect time to come to Delphi and plant the seeds of your spiritual growth, self-enlightenment, spiritual capabilities, and your future direction. Our beautiful natural surroundings provide the perfect environment where your spirit can find itself, and soar to new heights and new possibilities, and your intention and hopes can find fulfillment. Your experience at Delphi will be transformative and life-changing.
This is the schedule:
March 30-April 6
April 6-8

April 22-24
April 24-27
In-Depth Channeling
Inner Sanctuary Training
The month begins with our world-renowned In-Depth Channeling Course which will take place from March 30-April 6. In-Depth Channeling is a 7-Day Intensive/60 hour training program that includes the following areas of spiritual development:

Channeling - Become a clear & reliable channel of energy & information
Color Energies – The meanings, application, and power of color energies
Developing Spiritual Senses – Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Direct Knowing
Energy Healing – Complementary & Cooperative Forms of Energy Healing
Energy Sensitivity & Perception – Understanding, Recognizing, and Perceiving energy
Human Energy Fields, Subtle Bodies & Chakras - Your energy system, what it is, and how it works
Illness & Disease – How negative thoughts & feelings affect health & harmony
Initiate Training – Purpose, love, self-awareness
Intuitive Counseling – Channeling wisdom and information to help others
Meditation & Visualization - Development of spiritual vision, imagery, and inner senses
Mediumship - Communication with departed loved ones
Past Life Regression - Revisiting past lives to gain insight about current life
Photograph Reading - Gaining information through photographs
Pranic Breathing – Using the breath to access and direct spiritual energy
PSI Investigation - Using higher abilities to gain information
Psychic Reading – Reliably expressing your psychic gifts & abilities
Psychic Training – Becoming an Intuitive Counselor & Psychic Reader
Sacred Sound - Using sound, music, tone, and sacred language
Spiritual Art - Drawing and interpreting spiritual energy

No course prerequisites are required, just the clear intention and desire to connect with and access the power of your Spirit. Each moment is filled with Love, Inspiration, Healing, and Enlightenment. When you complete the In-Depth Channeling Training, you will be a qualified and certified psychic reader. You will also be eligible to take our Metaphysician and RoHun Therapist Courses.   Certification in Mediumship is awarded upon completion. Please join us for this week-long intensive, In-Depth Channeling at Delphi, March 30-April 6. 
Immediately following In-Depth Channeling we are offering our Inner Sanctuary Training Program . If you have always wanted to learn How to Meditate consistently, to Open your Spiritual Vision, Build Spiritual Substance on the Higher Planes, Create your own Personal Healing Sanctuary, and to Manifest what you Love, then Inner Sanctuary Training , April 6 – 8 is for you. No prerequisite required. Learn More!
Crystal Healing Classes
Later in the month Delphi Director Charles Curcio will be offering two crystal healing courses, Crystal Healing Part I , How to Use and Work with Crystals from April 22-24, and Crystal Healing Part II , Advanced Crystal Healing from April 24-27 . Crystals are great sources of light and energy, and are one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon humanity. Crystal Healing I will introduce you to the magical worlds of the mineral kingdom. You will learn about the various qualities and properties of crystals, how to meditate with crystals and how to use them in crystal healing layouts and to help yourself and others for healing, higher communication, personal growth and manifestation, and planetary upliftment. Certification in Crystal Healing
In Crystal Healing II you will learn advanced methods of crystal healing including psychic surgery techniques, utilizing laser crystals for the removal of energy blocks and attachments, Divine Names of God and sacred language mantras for generating spiritual power, and reliable methods and techniques of psychic power and protection. Certification in Advanced Crystal Healing. Learn More!
If you’ve never been to Delphi, you will love the extraordinary energy and the beautiful and protected environment here. Delphi is located high in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Cherokee National Forest where the states of Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee meet on the map. Our campus is surrounded by tall mountains, a rushing whitewater river, and is nestled in the arms of Oak, Maple, and Hemlock trees, cradled in the heart of nature. Please visit us online at and view our Virtual Tour .

For over 40 years Delphi has been helping others to develop, refine and express their spiritual gifts and abilities, and to grow, to heal, and to enrich their lives. Training is experiential and our teachings are delivered in love, wisdom, and fun.  Please contact us for assistance, for more information, and/or to answer any questions you may have.  We look forward to meeting and sharing with you. 
                                                 In Love & Light,
                                                 Your Delphi Friends & Family
For More information & registration:
Toll Free: 1-888-DELPHIU (1-888-335-7448)
Website: Delphi University of Spiritual Studies