Patients and families who are engaged members of their own care team: 

- Make more informed decisions
- Are more likely to adopt healthy behaviors
- Report more positive patient experiences
- Achieve better health outcomes.

Join the effort to make patient and family engaged care the norm in healthcare.
The 2017 Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month Toolkit

An Invitation to Engagea call to action written BY patient and family advocates FOR patients and families to describe, in everyday terms, why patient and family engagement matters to everyone. 

Patient Engagement in Research: A Toolkit for Patient-Family Advisory Councils, created BY PFACs FOR PFACs as part of Planetree's Engagement Award from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

The #InvitationtoEngage Social Media Toolkit to support you in being part of the conversation

Free Bite-Sized, On Demand Webinars on the important ways patients and families can be a part of charting the course for the future of healthcare. Listen to them at your convenience.

Help drive the conversation on why person-centered care is BETTER care.  Push the dialogue about why engaged patients and families are better equipped to make informed decisions, more likely to adopt healthy behaviors, more likely to rate their healthcare experience positively AND achieve improved health outcomes.

Share your story. Post your insights. Challenge us to think differently about healthcare. Extend this #InvitationtoEngage to all!

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