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Dear Artists,

I am organizing a group exhibit for August 2018  patterned after a series of salon style exhibitions we have had success with, and we would like to include your work for the exhibit. This is an open exhibit for all artists that participate in our calls and competitions, LACDA creates the prints. Referrals are welcome as well. 

We are about half way full with 31 spaces taken, participating artists please check roster for errors or omissions: 

Alan Singer
Hans Dehlinger
Anthony Nelson
Bridgett Ezzard
Christiaan Vanden Broeke
Daniel McCormack
David Cuerdon
Don Arday
Fernando Leon-Guiu
Greg Buening
Gretchen Ross
Iana Uvarova
Jayne Wilson
Joseph Francis
Khalil Charif Hussein Neto
Maria Teresa Miro Martin
Martin Bustamante
Morgan Blair
Radient Design
Regina Smith
Rhett Amick
Robert Conine
Simon Mapp
Sydell Lewis
Edward L. Rubin


News of the exhibit will be distributed to our email list of over 15.000, to our network of curators and critics, and our considerable social media outlets.  The Opening Reception will continue our series of Saturday openings which have been very successful especially at drawing a more specialized art crowd. 

The "Open Source" salon style  exhibit will feature artists focused on digital art and photography. and raises funds for our operations and improvements to our gallery (including our new Epson p10000 printer!). This exhibit will be in the largest of four separate exhibit areas, which features a wall that is 30 contiguous feet wide and 12 feet high. The opening will be high energy and well attended.  

Exhibit Dates: August  9-September 1, 2018
Reception: August 11, 6-9pm
ArtWalk Preview: August 9, 7-9pm

Images of previous salon stye exhibits can be found here:

January 2018

Other earlier shows:

Our very first Salon style exhibit:

How it works:
Each artist has us do one or more prints for the show at the uniform paper size of 44x36 (up to 38x30 image area with 3" margin/trim area) on your choice of luster, gloss or semi-matte at $145 per print. All are Premium Epson papers and of the highest quality. Having us do the prints is mandatory, as well as the standardized size (which allows for the successful overall design of the exhibit.

We will try to show as many artists as possible, so the show will be a salon style hanging, one work atop another vertically double and triple hung. Work is for sale and the artists receive 50% commission. Prints remaining can be shipped at nominal cost to artist.

No limit on number of prints an artist can show, but space is limited to about 50 prints. Space is reserved when funds are received. Both tall and wide aspect images are welcome. 

Instructions for Participation:

Two easy steps:

1) Send funds via PayPal for your prints here:

Please include your shipping address with your information

Outside California $145.00 USD per print      
CA Residents add 9% tax; $158.05 USD per print

2) Upload your images here: http://lacda.com/upload.html 

Name your file as follows indicating name and type of paper: 

For multiple images: Jeff_Koons_luster1.psd  Jeff_Koons_luster2.psd  Jeff_Koons_luster3.psd

The exhibit is artist curated. We review images you select and may collaborate further on that.

Any file type, color space printable from Photoshop is fine. Send us the best image you have, we do the rest. Max image area is 30x38. Don't worry, if there is an issue we will fix it. We will get the titles, prices, etc. later in another email.

Please respond soon, this will fill quickly and we will need all of the files in for printing in well in advance of the exhibit. 

Thanks so much for all of your support and taking part in this exciting endeavor!


Rex Bruce
Los Angeles Center For Digital Art
104 East Fourth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Note: If you have exhibited recently, are a represented artist, or have received this call in error feel free to ignore. This is a unique opportunity so we wanted to let lots of you know about it. Our apologies for any cross postings (I checked through as best I could), and recent multiple invitations over time; it just means we really like your art!  All are welcome to participate, of course.

"Open Source"

August  9 - September 1, 2018

Reception: Saturday
August 11, 6-9pm

ArtWalk Preview: 
August 9, 7-9pm

LACDA is about participation!
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