CIBJO invites you to join the 17th Home Gemmology webinar,
providing a historical review of Brazilian diamonds

Taking place in two sessions on Tuesday, May 26, 2020, the upcoming Home Gemmology webinar is presented by Rui Galopim de Carvalho, who will focus on the fascinating history of diamonds from Brazil, which was a dominant producer through much of the 18th Century. The topic is a repeat of the 3rd Home Gemmology webinar, and was selected to be presented a second time by Home Gemmology attendees.

Brazil has an illustrious history as a diamond producer, having been the principal source of the gem through much of the 18th Century and a large part of the 19th Century, until it was eclipsed by the discovery of diamond deposits in southern Africa.

Rui will discuss Brazilian diamonds and their impact on the jewellery craft, especially during the 18th Century, with examples being shown from the relatively unknown Portuguese crown jewels.

More recently discovered diamonds will also be discussed, with some notable stones illustrating the talk, including extremely rare fancy coloured stones, like the 5.11-carat Moussaieff Red, and new finds from the Braúna mine in Bahia, the first ever diamondiferous kimberlite pipe ever to be brought into full production in the country.

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SESSION 1: Tuesday, May 26, 2020
10:00 AM London/Lisbon, 11:00 AM Paris/Berlin, 2:30 PM Mumbai, 5:00 PM Hong Kong/Shanghai, 7:00 PM Sydney

SESSION 2: Tuesday, May 26, 2020
10:00 AM Los Angeles, 1:00 PM New York, 6:00 PM London/Lisbon, 7:00 PM Paris/Berlin, 10:30 PM Mumbai

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