Pre-Assembly Gathering
For Voting Members, Guests, and Assembly Visitors
Sunday, May 16 from 1:00 - 2:15 p.m.
On Sunday, May 16, beginning at 1:00 p.m., we will gather for a multi-faceted time of conversations about the Southwest California Synod, the ELCA, and the upcoming Synod Assembly, which will be held on June 4 - 5, 2021. Our Presiding Bishop, The Rev. Elizabeth Eaton, will join us.

Topics will include the election of a new synodical Bishop, Vice President, and other officers and committee members. Those in attendance will receive overview reports regarding the State of the SWCA Synod, our current financial situation, upcoming resolutions and memorials being brought to the Synod Assembly, and how our Voting Members will be gathering for the first time in a virtual Synod Assembly. We invite all members of all congregations of the SWCA to participate, with a special invitation to all of the Voting Members and guests who will be attending the Synod Assembly in June.

Southwest California Synod Assembly
June 4 - 5, 2021
Registration Deadline: May 7, 2021
Voting Members should register as soon as possible at the registration link.

Rostered ministers who are retired, designated as disabled, or on leave from call shall have voice but not vote during the Synod Assembly will not be charged a fee for the 2021 assembly and should register here.

For information about registration, congregational representation, assembly fees, and requirements for attendance, please see the link at right.
Registration for the 2021 Synod Assembly

The Congregational Registration fee for one called Rostered Minister and two lay voting members for the 2021 Synod Assembly is $395. If your congregation paid the early bird registration fee for the 2020 Assembly, a refund for the difference will ...

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The 2021 SWCA Synod Assembly will be live streamed, and any member of our congregations or community is welcome to join the virtual viewing! Information about our streaming platform will be available on our website before the assembly to to our email list. This is an opportunity for anyone who is curious about synod governance and who hasn't been able to attend an in-person assembly.
Call for Resolutions and Memorials
Deadline: April 2, 2021
Resolutions and Memorials may come from any institution, agency, synod ministry board, coalition, or congregation, and must be signed by at least five people who are members of the SWCA Synod.

Memorials address broad policy issues, while resolutions have a narrower focus, requesting consideration or action by individual offices, units, or the Church Council. For more information and instructions, see link at right.
Call for Resolutions and Memorials for the 2021 SWCA...

Memorials and resolutions enable our Churchwide Organization to address broad policy issues or issues important to God's mission in the world. Memorials address broad policy issues, while resolutions have a narrower focus, requesting...

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Nominations for Synod Leadership
Deadline: April 30, 2021
At the 2021 Synod Assembly in June, voting members will select two thirds of this governing body, including the Vice-President, Members-at-Large, Youth Representative, and Conference Representatives. They will also select committee members, as well as voting members for the 2022 Churchwide Assembly.

If you have a desire to share your gifts and passion as a leader in this community of faith, please watch videos from current synod leadership at the link to the right and run for synod office!
2021 Nominations for Synod Leadership

Members of the SWCA Synod Council and Synod Committees share the experience and responsibilities of their roles serving the synod's and the ELCA's ministries. At the 2021 Synod Assembly in June, voting members will select two thirds of this...

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Synod Self-Assessment
In July of 2020, the SWCA Synod began creating a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) review of its practices, activities and mutual ministries with and among the conferences, congregations and congregants. The results are linked at right.
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